2018 jeep wrangler: how does jeep redesign the world’s most iconic off-road SUV? cautiousness


For carmakers such as Jeep, the chance to redesign the herd is sure to be exciting and frightening. The jeep wrangler is arguably the most famous car in America – if not international – road. Its basic look has not changed more than 70 years ago, meaning that the signature feature of the jeep wrangler provides a compressed canvas for carmakers. You can alienate the most loyal fan base in the industry. “). The same is true of the wrangler’s cross-country ability. The jeep has a history of going all the way. Compromise the ability and reputation of the wrangler, the entire jeep brand you compromised.
There’s no pressure on this redesigned team, right?
I had the privilege of having a good time with the New Zealand wild side during the 2018 jeep wrangler conference. Over the course of three days, we drove all the new herders on a big, slippery rock through deep rivers and highways. The wrangler’s designers and team of engineers provide first-hand reviews of what they want to do with their most famous models, and how they are done. Experience in the dunstan and Harris mountains in New Zealand offers not only a feast for the eyes, but a diverse test of the terrain.
The first thing to note is what the jeep wrangler did not change in 2018. The jeep representative quickly confirmed the new wrangler’s solid axle, folding windshield and movable doors and roof. They even noticed the headlights – still round. But they soon announced a comprehensive improvement in all aspects of the new horse. Cross-country capability? Road refinement? Performance? Fuel efficiency? Technology? Easy to use? In the redesign process, the team upgraded all these aspects and was confident in the success of the redesigned wrangler. The production capacity of the Toledo plant has improved.
The familiar style of the new wrangler hides a wide range of functional updates. Subtle changes in the Angle of grille and windscreen provide improved aerodynamics. Larger side Windows provide better visibility and an extended wheelbase (1.4 or 2.4 inches, respectively, for two or four models) can create more backseat legroom. The total length has increased by 2.8 inches (2 doors) or 3.8 inches (4 doors) and the orbit is 2.5 inches wide. After removing the four bolts, the windshield can now fold quickly, but the top baffle above the windshield remains, improving safety and rigidity while keeping the rear-view mirror in place. The aluminum door of the “lift-assisted” handle with armrests is easier to carry when disassembled, and the smaller half door design will be adopted in 2019.
In the Sahara and ruby kang (Rubicon) model, an optional LED headlights, tail lights, fog lights and turn signal before help identify new wrangler, there is a new kind of Sky One – Touch powertrain can recover the whole canvas roof. The detachable rear quarter of the window opens up further, but the wrangler fans are looking for more open air flexibility to enjoy the new nenbud soft top design. Clock spring and slide (not zipper) shutters combination makes our ? can be quickly converted into a variety of configurations, or quickly recover completely “convertible” model. The Sahara and Rubicon models also have lighter color matching hardtops (the new wrangler has 10 colors).

A thorough internal redesign comes with the shepherd’s update appearance. New standard features, such as button booting, are used for audio, voice and cruise control steering wheel control, with multiple USB plugs and LED lighting consistent with the current buyer’s expectations. The updated dashboard USES the Wrangler Sport standard Uconnect 5-inch touch screen, the Sahara desert model and the Rubicon model with a 7 or 8.4 inch display. The new wrangler is equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, with a 7-inch LED display between the main displays. This screen can provide all the information from audio and tire pressure information to scrolling, pitching and yaw angles (our favorite Settings at the time).
The new dashboard USES a metal hvac frame, which can be painted or coated with leather, depending on the decor and options. Standard cloth seats and optional leather seats have been shown to be comfortable and supportive during driving, and they have a variety of colors to choose from and contrast stitching. We like to seat on the back of a chair of the model together with the “Rubicon” logo of the embossing and “radical” red dashes and contrast stitching, but we the Rubicon manual shift knob was impressed by the high quality look and feel, locking plate. Internal storage options abound, including the floor under the rear seats and large mesh doors. Another welcome appearance for the horse wrangler in 2018 – tilt retractable steering, optional heating.
The features of the new wrangler are easy to accept, but if suvs can’t climb up the rock like a goat, then loyal buyers will throw them away. Jeep knows this, which is why the car makers have been using helicopters to store us in a boulder on the top of Mount Prospect, New Zealand. Four 2018 jeep wrangler awaits us down the mountain, three of the four vehicles equipped with familiar Pentastar 3.6 -liter V6 engine (now the start/stop technology), the other one with the new 2.0 -liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine. 3.6 liters, 285 horsepower, 260 pound-feet of torque, with a brand new six-speed manual transmission or a new 8-speed automatic transmission. The 2.0 liter turbine has added 268 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, but only equipped with a new 8-speed automatic transmission.
All three 2018 wrangler trim (sports, Sahara and rubicon) are equipped with 3.6 liter V6 and 6 speed manual transmission. 3.6 liters 8 speed automatic transmission or 2.0 liter turbocharger 4 (and automatic transmission) are optional on all three devices. We experience these powertrain systems on the mountains of New Zealand and feel like they have a lot of things. The power balance and purity of the 3.6 litre engine are improved only in the new gearbox, while the 2.0 liter turbocharger can provide enough torque to resolve the obstacles in an uncompromising manner. Of course, Jeep’s two-speed change gear and crazy crawling proportions, from sports and saharan models of 44.20:1 to Rubicon 84.2:1 manual gearbox, can help you.
We take advantage of all these techniques, and the new tru-lok of the herder Rubicon, which is a limited slip differential and the Dana 44 solid axle. The ratio of the crawling ratio at 4:1 has given me a grip on rocks and streams, and I might not have tried without the jeering of a jeep representative. Using the electronic lock differential and the electronic front rocker disconnect device, you can switch the shepherd from the street to the zoom mode within seconds. In our most active climbing, it’s actually raining, and it’s a challenge when trying to get BFGoodrich 255/75 R17 all-terrain tires meshing with smooth rock surfaces. But Rubicon’s rock-trac 4×4 system is easy to transfer power between the horse’s four wheels to keep grip.
Before I met my first paved road, I had been in the new 2018 wrangler for over 48 hours. By then the jeep’s more and more off-road capability was confirmed. This is good news for fans of the wrangler, but I think the car really plays a role in the improvement, functionality and comfort of the road. The rear leg space is increased and the back seat is more back, making it a functional passenger compartment, even for adults. The inclined and retractable steering wheel makes the driver more comfortable. Larger Windows raise visibility and confidence (for adventures on the road and outside). The new 8 speed automatically provides seamless, on-demand power (and a lower crawling ratio). Folding windshields, reconfigurable soft roofs and fire doors make the wrangler a quick and painless process.
The last leg of my wrangler’s adventure was a pleasant journey at Lake Wakatipu. The wind and road noise was much lower than I had expected from the rock that I had just used to climb. Maneuverability, power and seat comfort are comparable to mainstream compact suvs, while Apple CarPlay lets me enjoy my favorite music playlist or ask Siri about a possible restaurant in Queenstown. And, of course, we drive in New Zealand jeep Rubicons represents a well-equipped decoration, has a number of standard features, such as locking differential, before and after electron disconnect rocker and 8.4 inch touch screen. The jeep hasn’t yet announced the price of the horse wrangler in 2018, but I predict that a base wrangler will start around $26,000. This is the starting price of the outgoing model, though it is still far below today’s.
I also predicted a lot of new herding horses. For decades, even in the face of militarism’s quirks and weaknesses, jeep’s loyal followers enjoyed military inspiration. The jeep will be cancelled at the time every shepherd redesigns, and I think the 2018 jeep wrangler is basically uncompromised and more capable than ever.


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