Are we fighting for the top SUV?

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The traditional view of the automobile industry is that the days of the holy family car are obsolete and will soon be replaced by all shapes, sizes and manners of sport utility vehicles.
To be sure, passenger car sales are booming. According to Autodata, they were down 10.3% from a year earlier in the first 11 months of 2016, while off-road suvs were up 8.7%. And the market is expanding far beyond the core of growth households, including single and empty nests, which can be confirmed by a surge in the supply and demand of small cross-boundary commodities. Sales here are led by the compact nissan Rogue (up 25.5% this year), Chevrolet Equinox (+ 19.8%) and Toyota RAV4 (+ 19.1%).
The ice and snow the coldest part of the new car market is a large car, sales have plunged 24.7% so far this year, because even the toughest customers, the department that law enforcement agencies, also is replacing the pursuing car suv.
In this year’s Los Angeles auto show, auto manufacturers launched 10 many new SUV, and this type of models now contains usually with bentley, jaguar and maserati truck related models, and including the lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, other foreign models. Even ferrari are ready for their crossover.

Car companies are expanding their smaller and smaller crossovers, including the just-launched ford EcoSport and the upcoming nissan kick and the modern corona parade. On the other hand, the Ascent from subaru also has a new big crossover, while lexus stretches the RX to a new 350L model seat in the third row.
With fewer market space, auto manufacturers are cut and cutting SUV category, in order to help meet the demand, BMW and Mercedes brand to extend the existing models to a four-door coupe of cross-border models, emphasize “movement” SUV, but at the expense of the overall “practicality”. There are also compact luxury range rover Evoque, which has two convertible versions.
According to research firm LMC Automotive, more than 150 different suvs will clog the us market by 2020, double the number of buyers found in dealers’ showrooms in 2010. Can the market really support all the changes in the same theme?
At the same time, new car transaction prices are rising, and the average fuel consumption is directly related to the popularity of crossover SUV type, crossover SUV type is often more expensive than the size of cars, and fuel efficiency is lower. According to the university of Michigan’s transportation research institute, the average fuel economy for new car sales in the U.S. in November was 25.0 miles per gallon, up 4.9 miles per gallon from October 2007. In addition, average new car prices at hit a new high of $35,852 last month, up 2.3 percent from November 2016, up 12.1 percent from November 2012.
Someone want to know, not long after, the market does not become saturated, capricious buyers suddenly turned to another and even unexpected genre – for example to quarrel and compact crossover pickup truck – as when they give up small freight cars, and then turned to trucks, suvs, eventually cross the SUV. Although most are home buyers, today’s crossover market has expanded considerably, including a richer demographic.
For carmakers, solve the dominance in the market of the SUV is a better method, don’t just build more crossovers, but try to let their cars more like crossovers. That means resisting the “increasingly low” motto of post-world war ii self-designed cars, making the next generation of cars more accommodating to a wider range of consumers.
This means, among other things, also can go back to the more obvious in the shape of the roof line, which makes higher driver can more easily by car on the ground, especially those in simple design, strange jiu-jitsu teacher portal need to enter at the back. Making the roof line higher can increase the clearance, while the higher ground clearance and more upright seat position can help improve the vehicle’s external vision. Hey, if we all have self-driving cars in the next 20 or 30 years, as some industry forecasters predict, they may feel comfortable, right?
This approach is not without precedent. Facing more and more interest in the SUV, but didn’t own cars for sale, subaru Legacy station wagon, it a few inches high, pushed up its clearance from the ground, and increases the movement effect like body coverings, in order to create the mainland in 1994, is considered the first modern crossover vehicle. For a while, subaru also provided the Outback- Ed version of the Legacy sedan, but it was an idea that had not yet come. Since then, Volvo has adopted off-road versions of both the V60 and V90 models, and the S60 sedan, which can provide a template for future passenger cars.
In another 10 years, we may be talking about the unexpected emergence of cross-compact pickups and their adverse effects on cross-suv sales.


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