Spy out! The next generation of bentley flying spurs in Sweden


Bentley disclosed a new European GT in front of the Frankfurt motor show earlier this year, which showed that its three-car “Flying Spur” was not far behind.
The limo has been tested in cold weather in Sweden. The car is lightly camouflaged, but according to what we can see here and what we see on the European GT, we can already guess what the final product looks like. Like Conti, the Flying Spur mule’s front end USES larger internal headlights and smaller exterior bulbs, reversing the look of the current car. The rest of the exterior looks similar to the outgoing car, but expect a major overhaul like the continental GT.

Under the skin, the new Flying Spur will have more changes. The sedan will carry an extended version of vw’s modular MSB platform, known as msb-f. Although the platform is longer in this application, the foundation of Flying Spur is Shared with the Continental GT and the porsche Panamera. The architecture will support rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive, and should reduce a lot of weight from the current model’s weight over 5,500 pounds. MSB will also support modern electronics that will allow autonomous driving capabilities.
Flying Spur is expected to borrow the porsche Panamera’s powertrain, including a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, and possibly even two plug-in hybrid powertrains. Given that the 6.0 liter w-12 engine is returning with a speed of 626 horsepower in the new continental GT, we are likely to see it in the Flying Spur. A new generation of Flying Spur could be launched in late 2018 or early 2019.


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