15 simple ways to get involved in motor racing


You’ve been watching the race track for years. But this year will be different, and you’re going from the bystander to the participants.

Don’t worry, making such a transition doesn’t require money from an old family or a secret handshake. It just needs a little guidance and encouragement, and that’s where we come in.

We’ve been playing this game for decades and know that there are several ways to get involved. Here are some of our favorites: all you need is a car you already own and maybe a few dollars.

What do professional racing superstar Randy Pobst, Peter Cunningham, Andy Pilgrim and others have in common? They all have their own resume. Why is this important to you? The suvs must be the easiest way to experience screaming tires while fine-tuning your driving skills.

The basic principle is simple: the driver, one at a time, RACES through a tower circuit. Every knocked down tower adds a penalty to the running time, and most courses take a minute or so to navigate. The maximum speed is usually about 60 miles. Drivers can be divided into different types according to their models and modifications, which may actually result in almost zero losses. The fastest game of the day wins every game.

Sounds simple, right? Events can be easily won or lost in the blink of an eye. For decades, most road RACES have been plagued by rule books, which are comparable to much of the legal library. Now there is a choice: low pressure endurance race. Instead of limiting the camshaft elevator or bushing hardness, the rules are to pick a page from the $2,000 challenge and limit the amount of money the team spends.

In this case, we usually talk about a budget of $500, which is probably one of the costs of the tyres used in professional racing cars. However, certain items are not included in the budget – the security equipment – so the team can actually and will spend more. Even so, it’s a simple and cheap way to race cars.

We’re also talking about endurance RACES, so you can share the operating costs with your teammates. The games also visited some of the country’s top circuits. You may be financially troubled, but you will still be able to collect many hours on the sacred ground.

Required equipment

You probably won’t use your streetcar, you’ll need to build or buy a car that fits the rules. You also need complete personal safety equipment: helmets, suits, gloves, head and neck protection devices. Don’t forget all your pit equipment.

The first step

There are several ways to get involved. You can build a car from scratch, which means adding a truck, trailer, tool, and assistant to the garage. Or you can rent a seat that has set up a team, arrive and drive like a true rock star – or at least the lead singer of a forgotten metal band.

Who’s going to call

Two of the world’s greatest strengths are LeMons 24hours (24hoursoflemons.com) and the Optima battery ChumpCar world series (chumpcar.com). The endurance (americanenduranceracing.com) was not set up the budget cap, but they also simplifies the endurance of the rules.

10 more ways to get involved in a car

Required gear

Almost any function, a safe car can autocross. Obviously, some brands and models are more suitable for this sport, but the “what kind of bloomer” philosophy is also applicable.

The most important factor is safety: the tire must have a tread and no defect; The battery must be securely strapped; The throttle resetting spring must work according to the factory’s expectation; Nut nuts can’t be lacking; The original seat belt must exist. It’s not hard, is it?

You’ll be outside the day, so be prepared: hats, sunscreens, water, and lunch. The entrance fee may vary, but the figure for the day is $25 – $45. For people who don’t have their own Snell SA rating, they are usually available.

The first step

An hour prior to the closing of the register (the activity time can be found on the Internet). Sometimes you need to pre-register, but not typically.

Go to the registry and tell them that this is your first event and someone will take you to their edge and point you in the right direction. The joke is that the person wearing the biggest hat will know what’s going on, and that’s usually a true statement.

Who’s going to call

The American sports car club (Scca.com) hosts a large number of cross-country events in the United States, which divide the country into about a hundred districts, and you can find your local group. The American porsche club (pca.org) and nasaproracing.com also run cross-country plans. Then there are more and more cross-country clubs. Your favorite search engine will find them in a few minutes.

Track the day driver

Road racing requires driving schools, special vehicles, trucks and trailers, people willing to work and the ability to drive the rules manual. How about a fun run – only you and your favorite car? This is where the orbital event comes in.

Removing the competitive factor doesn’t mean we’re talking about double music. Today’s circuit visited some of the best facilities on the land, from daytona and sebrin to Watkins and Mazda racecar.

Most groups provide meetings for beginners, intermediate and expert drivers. Classroom teaching takes place between tracks. Some groups also offer rides.

The goal here: having fun in a more relaxed environment. If you decide to jump on a road race, you already know a vertex from the head nut.

Required drive

Remember the car, you took your first cross country? This may also be a good time to keep track. Of course, many people will have porsche and light cavalry, but the humble civic or MINI works well.

However, the track event will add more load to the car. Do you have 30 minutes of uninterrupted braking? How about the rest of the tires and the system? Note that a convertible will require some kind of approved rollover protection.

The original equipment of the vehicle should be sufficient because the wheel has been removed from the wheel. You will need the appropriate Snell SA rating helmet and note the loaners most likely not to be provided.

The first step

Most racetrack events require pre-registration, and a checklist is usually received in this step. In most cases, owners or certified stores will have to keep their cars safe. Your pre-registration information should also include a weekend schedule to specify when and where to appear.

If you are a novice, you should have enough guidance in these first activities. Main objective: safe and smooth.

Who can call

Several groups provide national racing day activities, including the national motor sports association (nasaproracing.com), American sports car club (scca.com), the porsche club (pca.org), the BMW car club bmwcca.org) and north road racing association (narraonline.com). But that’s not all: many racetracks and regional clubs hold open grinding days.

The players

Do you think these cars are circling and rooting? The driver may get most of the credit, but a small army will support every honor, and there may be a place for you.

What tasks need to be addressed? Someone has to build and prepare cars, drive trucks, repair broken things, add and manage fuel, replace and coil tires, set up equipment, and plan and execute game strategies. Then logistics: who will keep all the cats grazing and keep feeding?

Most endurance teams mix full-time and part-timers, also known as weekend warriors. Have a skill you want to share? Want to be part of a team? You see where we’re going?

The required equipment

Most kit will have all the equipment you need, including a cool team uniform. Also looking forward to feeding and relocating.

What should you bring? Willing to roll up sleeves and solve problems. Smiling helps.

The first step

Plan to start your team member experience at the club. James Clay (James Clay) explained: “I want to say the best way is to appear in the club activities, introduce yourself, and provide free hand – rather than the driver set, but in a quiet environment. The boss of the BimmerWorld team.

Clay suggested the icebreaker: “I always wanted to help a team. Can I offer my help for free on weekends to learn more about how I can help? “There is experience to pay, and the connections you build can lead to professional performance.

Who to call

Clay notes, start locally. Go to the local route, check the paddock, and start talking to the team. The country has a variety of competing teams in many different venues, so don’t forget that the oval track and the drag racing team also need help.

Race worker

Every sport requires people to follow – someone to keep order, keep score, and help if something bad happens. The car accident happened thanks to a large number of workers who had been looking for good men and women.

The staff have a wide range of work, starting with the registrars of registered teams and welcoming their staff. As the race goes on, the team will meet other staff, such as speed racers and technical support staff. The timing and scoring officers track the location of each car, and the emergency personnel are waiting to be ready.

The most striking staff may be the flag bearer and the communication worker – white men and women – who position themselves on the track. They are the extra eyes and ears of the event: they use flags to communicate with drivers, and they keep in touch with domestic bases by radio. If something happens, they’re the first person to be there.

As a worker, there are special benefits: these guys always seem to have the best parties on the track. Some groups have also passed on the benefits to their staff: for example, NASA has provided a system for rewarding corner workers for free racing hours.

Required equipment

The team that runs the show usually provides the main equipment, which means you don’t need to carry your flag, radio or trailer. However, you need some personal equipment, such as earplugs and hats. “Oh, invest in a pair of really comfortable shoes! Florida district SCCA worker Kevin Abel added.

Most of the road RACES in the country are carried out by SCCA or NASA staff, so we need to contact the local area first. Find their website and find someone with a foreman or similar position. Leave them a note saying you want to help.

Who is calling

Can’t find your local SCCA or NASA team? Start with their national websites: scca.com and nasaproracing.com.

Low-buck endurance racing driver

1. Rallycross

Automatic crossing on dirt, gravel, ice, grass, or other loose surfaces, and you have a rebound. SCCA is the big dog here. The thrill is great, the sport is perfect for beginners, but expect more wear and tear on your car.

2. The motorcycle racing

It’s a staple for generations, and almost all cars can go. Many tracks host tests and adjustment nights, making it easier to start. To make the first step, just find your local drag bar.

3. Automobile club

In our books, there is nothing wrong with being social. The car club is a great way to get involved and interact with others. Whatever poison-porsche, BMW, stand, whatever, there is a group of like-minded people eager to see you.

4. The drift

Some prefer to walk sideways rather than smoke on the tires. Have a rear drive and enough money for a couple of rear tires? So drifting can be a simple first step. Local and national groups held events throughout the country.

5. 2015 Callenge 15 years

Come, our 2015 challenge has turned the first time into the builder of the implementation. The premise remains: with a modest budget cap, you can build what you can build for our cross-country RACES, drag RACES and contests. Interested? Take your car to the General Tyre – driven grassroots racing $2015 challenge and be sponsored by CRC industries in gainesville, fla., from October 23 to 24.

6. Elliptical sports car

Think you’re the next Ricky bobby? Your local oval track is waiting. You’ll need a car, a tow truck and a gear, but the setting provides great inspiration for this step-down. To keep it simple, check to see if your local track offers some sort of strict inventory level.

7. Crush

Sometimes you need a little bit of chaos in your life and you can get it without a lot of racing experience. What are we talking about? American staples such as the demo Derby, the digital 8, the scooter, the bus, the camping trailer, the train, etc.

The karting car

Today’s karting arena welcomes everything from children to old people. In addition, it can be purchased and run very cheaply. Want to make it easier? View the arrival and driving options of the endurance karting vehicle.

9. Hillclimbs

A single car reduces the chance of a sheet metal damage, but it is clear that the event will be limited to hilly terrain. Ben welcomes streetcars, but you may have to add some basic safety equipment.

10. Time test

We recommend running the track schedule before jumping to a timed game, but even then, these events can be relatively new. NASA, SCCA, PCA, NARRA and other sports car clubs approved such events.


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