In 2017, we say goodbye…


Mark fields

As chief executive of Ford Motor Co., Mr. Fields was resigned after 28 years at the company to lead the prime minister’s auto group and its subsidiary Mazda. His alternative – a vision once thought, said, has close relationship with silicon valley’s former chief executive office furniture company – illustrates these two areas of deficiency and uncertainty of the future of the industry.

Australian car manufacturing

Gm horton closed its final assembly plant in October, just weeks after Toyota did so, marking the end of a century of manufacturing. Since 1931, Holden has built the Chevrolet SS (Chevrolet SS) of the corvette engine.

Lincoln’s MK name

Towards the end of the year, Lincoln finally acknowledged what consumers knew: MKZ, MKX, and so on. The mainland has returned. Navigation will add a nautilus and other readable names.

Dodge viper

The snake was launched in 1992 and is a survivor. In 2008, it hoped to avoid bankruptcy by raising cash, and Chrysler tried to sell it. In 2003, the annual sales of $90, 000 sports cars were only 2,000, just once. In some years, not a single car was built because of stock. But the coming security rules will eventually kill it

CFPB, as we know

A consumer financial protection agency did not actually disappear, but, from President Donald trump was sworn in that day, the agency of automobile credit positive regulation is supported by life. When Richard Cordray resigned as a director, the government quickly switched to installing its own, less active leader.

Shiro Nakamura

Nakamura introduced the concept of cross-tidal wave with the 1993 concept of vehicles-approved in the leadership of the May 10 bell design. He was lured away by nissan boss Carlos Ghosn in 1999 and ran nearly two decades of design before retiring in March. As nissan’s chief creative officer, it continues to influence more than nissan’s design. His creation has forced Japanese carmakers to fret over their niche for a long time, believing it to be reliable, if boring appliances are suppliers: design firms sell cars.

Tom webb

Weber 40-year career began in 1973, is the national automobile dealers association data analyst, and ultimately become the company’s chief economist, cox car he retired on June 30. Perhaps his biggest influence comes from cox’s mannheim auction group. Others track the remaining value of a particular vehicle, but webb tracks the relationship between the auction, the overall economy and the pricing of new and used cars. What about executives who care about pricing power? – listen to weber.

Ludwig Willis

Willisch retired from BMW and held his position in the americas on August 1. He entered the industry during college, selling porsche and being a salesman. He has been in BMW for 21 years and has led north American operations since 2011. During that time, BMW became the first luxury brand to sell in the United States for the first time in history, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Honda accord coupe

The Honda Accord holds its own place in a battered family car sector. But the two-door version has added other double-doors – including the BMW 6 series coupe, the Evoque double door and the petrol-powered Smart ForTwo – to the exit lane.

John Mendel

John Mendel (John Mendel) in 2004 to join the American Honda, working in the ford and Mazda company over the years, in 2007 promoted to executive vice President of automotive division, coincided with the company through the great recession and high airbag crisis. As co-head of Honda’s takata response committee, Mendel pushed for action and transparency to find the 10.7 million affected “Honda” and “acura”. He also backed the brand’s strict discipline on team sales and awards before retiring on April


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