Shelby GT350R returns to the original Venetian crew


The first mustang collector will tell you that one of the mustang you must have is the Shelby GT350R in 1965. These small racers play 325 horsepower and become the main force of SCCA B/Production racing. The trouble is that only 36 of them are ever created, and few are sold or auctioned. And when they do, the price can be close to the million dollar mark.

Stay with us because of the good news. If you think GT350R has the most opportunity, you may be surprised to find that the limited GT350R “new” GT350R is available. The original Shelby gt350r-jim Marietta, Peter Brock and Ted Sutton, the architects of the original Venice crew, have combined to recreate the magic they originally created 50 years ago. It looks like lightning did hit twice.

OVE’s plan is to build another 36 1965 Shelby GT350R rapid response. They started with the real 1965 mustang, converting them to a competing specification of GT350R, with authentic badges and Shelby serial Numbers. In fact, the GT350R paper created by each OVE will be submitted to Shelby American Automobile Registry and Shelby American Registry.

The GT350R operation will also benefit from the new pre – curtain, which will increase airflow to the engine, as well as suspension upgrades and modification of rear Windows to improve aerodynamics. The OVC also plans to install an experimental ford advanced vehicle independent rear suspension, initially planned for the model.

The shape of a “new window to improve the internal aerodynamics of the car, the driver provides a better comfort, the front of the new curtains with original Mustang front closer, at the same time improve the efficiency of the air cooling engine.” Bullock. “While these changes may seem subtle, they combine with the new suspension to significantly alter the characteristics of the car.”

Under the hood, the cars will be powered by a cast iron Engine block provided by Carroll Shelby Engine Company. These racing engines will be paired with the borg warner 4 speed manual transmission. And because OVE was made from the original 1965 mustang, they can compete and sign up for street driving.


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