The 2018 San Diego motor show: 5 things you can’t miss


The 2018 San Diego motor show: 5 things you can’t miss

CARS.COM – most of the time in the United States, in the cold after the Christmas holiday, long winter, the west coast of San Diego friends will continue to soak in the year an enviable sunset, miles of the Pacific coast beaches and an idyllic climate throughout the year. The 2018 San Diego international auto show plus the cool factor of this warm city

1. Star Wars inspired vehicles

With the December issue of the “Star Wars: the last of the jedi” together, San Diego auto show to treat fans will peep at nissan’s “Star Wars” models of propaganda team, these vehicles in Los Angeles earlier began in the auto show circuit this month. Several of the best-selling nissan models will be equipped with laser cannons, s-foil, thrusters, etc. The special vehicles include a 2018 nissan Altima, which has been converted into a special forces TIE fighter and a customized wheel, full body package and fighter jet wings.

2. ThinkBlue ecology center and electric car

Do you know the California law, with a special exception, to allow the solo driver of an electric vehicle lane specified in the carpool lane? As one of the most environmentally conscious state in America, California, San Diego international motor show yi yi is unripe brightness, San Diego gas and electricity will be held on Thursday ThinkBlue ecological center, as part of the “electric car day”. Representatives of ThinkBlue and the center for sustainable energy will distribute information about electric car drivers’ professional rates, and the energy industry speakers will host the EV101 talk series. In addition, all kinds of pure electricity, plug-in and other models will be displayed. The show’s audience can learn about the latest electric vehicle technology on the market, as well as state and federal tax breaks for electric car owners.

3. Autonomous technology

Some of the world’s biggest carmaker, the latest automated driving technology will be introduced from time to time, send to the guest, from adaptive braking system to traffic lanes sensor, as well as in 2018 and later introduced all kinds of sophisticated security features. Richard Newendyke, President of the San Diego motor show, said that while a fully autonomous car would not be on the show, all manufacturers would emphasize certain aspects of autonomous driving.

4. Test drive

Car shoppers can skip the trips of multiple dealers and take any of the keys from more than 79 models from 13 different brands – in one place. The 2018 models include Chevrolet, Chrysler, dodge, fiat, ford, jeep, kia, Lincoln and other brands. The test drive will be set up at the ticket booth near the front door of the convention center, and can be accessed from a show between the lexus and Lincoln exhibits. The jeep is returned to the show in the form of a jeep camp, an interactive cross-country experience with a professional 4×4 driver that allows the driver to experience the jeep brand’s cross-country and off-road capabilities. Children can enjoy their own test drive in a mini-jeep’s class.

5. New models and cool concepts

Highlights include: the 2019 range rover sports version of PHEV and 2018 new range rover villa; The sense of movement of jaguar on the 2018 XF Sportbrake in station wagon; Customized Toyota c-hr Beat Box, a veritable cylinder machine; And two custom 2018 Toyota camry car appeared in 2017 specialty equipment market association exhibition this fall, including Danny for NASCAR driver Hamlin (Denny Hamlin) and NASCAR analysts as well as the “Top Gear” (Top Gear) personality Rutledge Woods. According to the carmaker, Toyota’s FV2 is a single-player concept car equipped with voice and image technology that can sense a driver’s mood.’s editorial department is the source of your car news and comments. According to’s longstanding ethics, editors and reviewers do not accept gifts or free trips from car manufacturers. The editorial department is independent of advertising, sales and sponsorship content.


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