Fine-tune your bahamian money machine’s best performance


Fine-tune your bahamian money machine’s best performance

In our time, it seems that in this world, whether experts believe it is universal or insurmountable, it is publicly declared to be a disease. For example, we have diseases like alcoholism, porn addiction, drug addiction, malnutrition, and maybe one day we will have a disease named after the disease. Now, ladies and gentlemen, for the purpose of this article, we will announce a new and very serious disease in the Bahamas: complacency. Yes, complacency is the dream of silence, ambition, hope, time, and everything else to turn the present situation into a new reality killer. In fact, Merriam – Webster online dictionary for “disease” we mentioned recently provides two very good description: 1: complacency, especially with the concomitant risk of actual or defect is not informed of the company. 2: a condition that is usually uninformed or uninformed. But the same word that we often use to describe a dark image of a person or situation can also be used to add a positive hue to things. You can accept complacent attitude to ease your burden, but embarrassed himself get caught in a terrible position, the Greek poet Homer’s “Odyssey” lotus cannibalism: book nine (9). But what we need to diagnose and resolve is the impact of complacency on our personal and business affairs.

Nationally, we have seen a direct or gradual negative impact of VAT on personal and personal life. VAT itself is not entirely to blame the main cause of these deaths, but complacent diseases, especially for a long time, certainly can reveal why business and personal finance suddenly appeared suddenly rise. In a long period of complacency, the patient appears to be normal, even normal, and this scourge is the asset, the money, the time, the customer, the pay raise, etc., until the end of the show. We can provide you with the following resources for the best defense or antidote against this terrible disease:

The resource describes the commercial value of the individual

The capital,

Location, location, location is an old commercial phrase that can be traced back to the early 20th century as the most important answer to business success. So now is a good place to be, for the client, the best accessibility and visibility. But in the past century, one of the interesting things happen in the real business sites We have seen the entire enterprise from the physical world is transferred to a new Internet virtual world, or at the same time. If a person had to walk into the bay street, or the Bahamas shop to check the products or services, so the same person can now be found in even before see the shop on the Internet, they even from another country. There are two aspects to the impact of this on the Bahamas business: 1) the lack of young customers for some old-style walk-in shops that do not exist online unless they provide the services or products that are desperately needed; 2) online businesses are attracting young and young new customers.

Incentives are promising, material or not material, which can make a person or yourself an ideal behavior. This could be pre-payment, or after the action you want. In a sense, when you offer rewards to anyone, you have created the relationship between the giver and the receiver. For example, we often hear the “buy one get one free” offer. This incentive is aimed at getting customers to buy more products or services while also increasing sales revenue. It’s also a powerful way to spread your quotes and business. Another example of enterprise motivation is that if a task or project is completed, it provides employees with a certain number of days off. Sometimes we create incentives for oneself, like Canadian actor/comedian Jim Carey (JimCarey) in 1985 for his later wrote a $10 million check, but he can’t cash before 1994. But remember that rewards are as subtle as promises; Break them, they lose strength and value.


Knowledge, the complete knowledge of your field, your location, your functions, your goals, never have the key to success as high as today’s speed and competition. When you can not only retain your information, but you can also use it as a good indicator of others, you are knowledgeable. Near the Bahamas, we can see more bahamians turning to any local education or training source in advance, and we often hear the word “education”. But in art, we are more inclined to use the word “enlightened” when it comes to discussing the knowledge of anyone not just in his field but in his whole life. Through observation, we can see that, in our time, education has become a focal point in a specialized field, as in a small field illuminating illumination. Enlightenment, on the other hand, illuminates even greater light in all aspects of thought. Which of these two do you think could be a more complete and useful person?


Profitability of profitability means gain or gain. In mathematics, the basic formula for calculating the profit of commercial sales is the sales price (SP) – cost price (CP). For example, if you bought a bag of pineapples at Eluthera for $20, and you took the same bag of pineapple for $30.00, you’d have earned $10. Or, this is $30.00 (SP) – $20.00 (CP). And you have recouped the cost of the pineapple. You can say that you have made a profitable investment or sale, and if you repeat this successfully for a long time, you can say that the profit of selling Eluthera pineapple sacks is very high.

Trading frequency – in any discussion about the fire in our Bahamas, you may hear some references to “human chain” or “bucket brigade”. This is a system that fires water before it has a fire engine. In this system, people line up from the water and quickly extinguish the flames through one or more buckets filled with water. The faster the bucket moves, the faster it fires. In the same way, you can make your services or products profitable by keeping your transactions close and regular. By doing so, you can raise your income, and even have a surplus (extra capital) for reinvestment.

Just keep a healthy backlog of work. For example, sometimes you can get more work done in a reasonable time. In this case, give up the work that is not done in a timely manner, but put together the more profitable projects in order to expand the benefits.


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