Ian ferguson: psychological tests give competitive advantage

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Ian ferguson: psychological tests give competitive advantage

Business owners agree that Russian roulette is not a game we play when we choose, recruit, develop and retain our employees. If we really want to succeed, it’s crucial to determine the process of talent for our company. Sadly, many companies blindly ignore their development potential, choosing the wrong institutions to fill key roles.

The purpose of this article is to remind business people that it is necessary to make informed decisions when investing in new team members and promoting old members.

# Pychometric tests the level of competitive environment in the workplace to be objective, standardized, objective instruments. Employers value these factors because, regardless of the education background, they are a fair way to compare the strengths of different candidates.

The # psychological test may be used at different stages of the selection process, but usually the first tool that determines whether a company should continue to pursue an individual is the best.

# there are many psychological tests to determine abilities, talents, and personalities. Ability test measures general or specific skills, abilities and acuity. Such tests may include:

# digital test: evaluate how you interpret data, charts, charts, or statistics, but you can also test basic arithmetic.

Verbal reasoning test: evaluate how you understand written information, evaluate arguments and statements.

Non-verbal reasoning test: evaluate how you follow chart information or point mode. You can check spatial awareness. Abstract reasoning tests are sometimes described as inductive reasoning tests.

# logical reasoning test: evaluate how you can reach a conclusion by giving a given basic information or using your existing knowledge or experience. These include deductive reasoning tests where you will get information or rules to apply for answers.

# aptitude tests test your potential and learn new skills required for the job you’re applying for.

The # personality test assesses your typical behavior, different situations, and the way you like things.

They check that you are likely to adapt to the role and company culture. The evaluator may match your response with a sample of successful managers or graduates. Employers look for people with specific job characteristics.

Companies are increasingly using psychological tests to help employees select processes so they can find “right” people. The use of psychometric tests has the competitive advantage of big and small companies.

Although these tools are available for a wider range of businesses, most companies choose to “feel good” about their interview strategies in other directions. Recommendations from friends and family; Or social and political appointees, even key positions in leadership and management. These practices have produced the productivity and efficiency that we see today at historically low levels of business.

Keeping a close eye on the advice given in this article is no doubt a step in the right direction to eliminate work inefficiencies.


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