IBM Watson helps deacon drive the digital frontier


IBM Watson helps deacon drive the digital frontier

Students at deakin university ask about 1600 IBM Watson every week to learn about the context of campus life and learn from it.


Students at deakin university ask about 1600 IBM Watson every week to learn about the context of campus life and learn from it.

As the world’s first university to introduce IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology, deacon is further using Watson to expand its capabilities and teach the system to learn new sources of information.

The breakthrough system has dealt with more than 55,000 students in the 12 months that Watson has improved the quality of dikembe’s student experience

Professor Beverley Oliver, vice President of education, said Watson embodied Deakin’s reputation as a driver of the digital frontier.

“Watson can help students find information easily and provide answers 24 hours a day,” said professor Oliver.

“By helping students find information quickly and easily, Watson has revolutionized dickon’s problem solutions.”

The chief digital officer, William Confalonieri, said at IBM’s help that deakin is pushing digital boundaries so that students can experience the best possible experience.

“Deacon is a young, encouraging innovative university, ambitious, Watson is a breakthrough point system – this is a perfect match, represented in the digital frontier thinking”, said Mr Confalonieri.

And recent upgrades have made Watson smarter:

It can use deakin’s website to answer questions;

Watsons can go through the following processes to students: submit homework, pay parking fees and re-enroll;

Watson asks the students what campus they are on, and whether they are international or domestic students before they can customize the answer

Now each answer offers a confidence rating.

Laura Soding, a deakin graduate student and a member of the Watson team, said the information students wanted was accessible, accurate and direct.

“In assignments, classes, placement and exams, students want their experience in college to be smooth and simple, and Watson helps to achieve that goal,” she said.

“As a recent graduate of the university students work with other students and students in the Watson’s team, I was impressed by the promise of deakin university put hands of 21st century technology for today’s students, to improve their college life.”

Among the most common questions that students ask Watson are:

How do I know other students of my course?

Where can I get food on campus?

Will I receive my lecture material on cloud courses?

What is the start and end date of each three-month period?

How do I know where my classes are?

How can I find out my schedule?

How do I get my student id?

When is my exam?

Where is the library?

Stuart Lasker, President of the dean of students’ association at the university of deakin, said Watson allowed students to ask questions about their time and manner.

“One of dikin’s greatest strengths is being able to connect with student groups and appreciate their different needs,” he said.

“Some students prefer detailed face-to-face conversations, while others prefer the simplicity of IBM Watson.

“The university of deakin has such a strong student support culture, and Watson is just an extension of that, but it’s a breakthrough technology.”

IBM WATSON and deakin university

In March 2015, Watson was first introduced to deacon to support freshmen. Students using natural language can ask Watson about the location of deakin and college life.

Over the past six months, Watson has developed and learned more sources of information.

Today, dickon USES Watson to provide answers to student questions, starting with a range of topics, including admissions. Admission (courses); Tuition, financial aid, student housing, after-school skills training, health and health care, facilities, job placement, employment preparation, job skills assessment and academic help.

The students accepted Watson’s advice on the evidence weighted answer to help them make a decision.

Students can get a lot of questions from Watson on any device that is connected to the network.

Watson has plenty of situational information that allows him to quickly answer questions that students can easily understand.

What is IBM Watson?

Watsons is the first open cognitive computing platform that represents a new era in computing systems that understand the world in a human way: through the senses, the learning and the experience.

Watson keeps learning, gaining value and knowledge over time, from previous interactions.

With Watson’s help, companies are using the power of cognitive computing to change industries, to help professionals get their jobs done better, and to solve major challenges.


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