The Bahamas hospitality reports on social media, travel and lifestyle sites


The Bahamas hospitality reports on social media, travel and lifestyle sites

Regardless of your business today, social media customer reviews and product and service reviews are inevitable. This is especially true in the hotel industry, where online reviews have become a huge influence on where visitors choose to stay. If you want to get the “best answer” from TripAdvisor, the top online travel and leisure influencer, you need good customer reviews to repeat the business.

This year, a rich and good comments to ensure the Nassau, Bahamas theme Sandyport beach resort again won the “stripe”, workers will proudly “excellence certificate” issued by the latest TripAdvisor linked to other travel honor. Travel consultant certificates are issued in response to guest comments, and increasingly friendly, helpful staff have proven to be key drivers of online flattery for many guests.

Assistant manager Cheralda Arnett commented: “we are a lucky place as a small resort because we can provide personalized services and connect with our guests. This connection begins before they arrive, and long after their first and repeated stops. We have an active Facebook community with over 97,000 friends and active presence on Instagram, YouTube and GuGe +. Our website supports real-time chat, blogs, newsletters and video content. Everyone who works here embraces social media connections and communities. ”

The benefits of social media marketing tend to reflect the amount of effort used; They can be diverse – not just in bed. Potter sandy Beach Resort (Sandyport Beach Resort mixes) is one such evidence, it caused some blogs and travel and way of life in the United States and some European writer’s attention, they are eager to get more realistic the Bahamas type hotel experience. New York times travel writer brendan spiegel includes popular resorts, the island’s best attractions, and 11 articles for tourists seeking a more subtle, more authentic experience in the Bahamas. In addition, Travel&Leisure wrote that it was “one of the best boutique resorts in the Bahamas.”

American cooks and popular lifestyle blogger John Malik (John Malik) is a writer, he chose the sandy Beach Resort potter (Sandyport Beach Resort mixes) as their stronghold, explore “the Huffington Post” (Huffington Post) published the article “Nassau” and”

“We want our first visit to the Bahamas, where the culture and atmosphere of the island is real. We don’t want the usual biscuit themed resort, and fortunately, sandy beach resort has been living up to the reputation of “island feeling” in this regard.

John malick’s travel story is often published online in the huffington post’s lifestyle section, and he has attracted a lot of fans. Here are excerpts from some of his first trip to the Bahamas. Readers can enjoy many of the familiar tourist attractions he has made in Nassau and the family islands.

Vernon moss greeted us with a disarming smile and a strong handshake. The hotel’s general manager, who is also our concierge and fact guide our accommodation. He is a native of the Bahamas and is happy to share the situation, shortcomings and quirks of the Bahamas. Our next day, we planned to fly to andros via local airlines and leave at 6:45 a.m. He wisely suggested arriving an hour early. That’s it. We’re 25 minutes early. Why is that? Because all the passengers are there. Thank you, Vernon.

“The sandy port beach resort is about five miles from the center of the city and not far from the airport. The view from the balcony is an admission price. From here we see a lot of fish, rays, birds, even sea turtles. The room is for our more self-sufficient, self-contained kitchen-kitchen, interior laundry and three or four restaurants within walking distance.

“We have never been to the Caribbean, also did not want to put our toes sink into a place to keep time with tide, the sea there is a clock, there is only that we can enjoy the natural environment quiet and calm, is too interesting”.

John malik blogs include visits to andros with the Bahamas national trust Scott Johnson, Nassau, various interactive travel experience, and in the grand gulf khalil hotel spent several day adventure, he arrive in the tropical air quality seaplane.


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