Get a good life, people!

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Get a good life, people!

Christmas has no excess. But holmack may have overtaken himself. It not only play the Christmas movies before Halloween, but also largely played over and over again the same Christmas movies, will be wonderful people get together, just in time to catch the legendary under the mistletoe.

But who wants to be surprised during the holidays? Holmack clearly has a loyal audience.

Saturday brings us a “Christmas walk” (9pm, tv-pg), telling a travel writer (Bridget Regan) and a wid (Travis Van Winkle) daughter of the last boat.

The only thing that distinguishes this romantic comedy from its previous shock is that the “escape” must be the original holmack Christmas movie of the year. We have to wait until October 2018 to see another “new”.

• there are some streaming options for the audience who want to get out of the metal avalanche. As it was yesterday in this space, the prime minister’s “last post” has a lot of fun for “crown” fans. In British colonial Aden (yemen is now a city), in the mid – 1960 – s, “the sentinel” after the decline of the British empire, the period of military bases in a siege on following the soldiers and their wives. Bored wives console themselves by jumping out of bed and wine, while their husbands are slowly realizing that their colonies are threatening a growing insurgency in oil-rich regions. Clothing and music are in sharp contrast to the eternal desert around them.

•Netflix provides an escape from the sun through the 2014 thriller “two faces in January.” According to Patricia Highsmith (” strangers on the train “, “the genius of Ripley”) of the novel, set in Greece in 1962 January, a young tour guide and gangsters (Oscar Isaac) and an American businessman, Viggo Mortensen (Viggo Mortensen) and his young wife Kirsten Dunst (Kirsten Dunst) contact. Like many sea Smith stories, the characters seem almost immoral.

January took full advantage of Greece’s beauty and charm. If the first director hussein Amy’s (Hossein Amini) seems to arouse Hitchcock (Hitchcock), Isaac may remind some Al Pacino (Al pacino-who) audience, is about “the godfather, part ii”, in the fierce malicious to predict the passion and strength calculation. Smart, stylish thrillers may find “January” a perfect antidote for a December night, while “new” is a new look.

•NBC broadcast the 1946 Frank Capra’s fable “it’s a wonderful life” (9pm on Sunday, TV – G), for decades.

“Wonderful life” is such a tradition that even the rebound of the movie has been a bit longer on the tooth.

When a grumpy Tony retreats from the repetition of “it’s a good life,” and growls, “that’s enough!” There was an unforgettable Christmas “sopranos” plot, but the plot, “save us all from satan’s power”, was broadcast in 2001. A long time ago.

The purpose of the episode, in pop culture, was to take a look at “big mouth Billy Bass”, a singing gift that was popular for about five seconds before 16 Christmas.

“Saturday night live”, in a classic short play, “it’s a wonderful life: a lost end” to emulate the movie. But earlier that day, Dana cavey, Dennis miller, Jon lowitz, and the late young huxs and phil hartman were at the heart of the cast.

William Shatner introduced the short play on December 20, 1986. In the same episode, Shatner appears in another classic skit, persuading a group of “star trek” enthusiasts to “get life”!

This is where all of us get our lives, and in this wonderful life. Merry Christmas, 2017!

Saturday highlights

• mutants are marked on “genius” (9pm, Fox, r, tv-14).

• “the great Christmas light fight” (on September 9, ABC, r, tv-pg) emerged winners.

•Han Solo and the cast of the 2015 adventure “Star Wars: the force awakens” (9pm Starz) face new dangers facing Kylo Ren, starring Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley.

• the green bay packers are hosting the Minnesota vikings (9:20 PM, NBC) in the NFL.

Jane was on the seventh day of “ten days in the valley” (ABC, 11 PM), and learned the shocking news about gus.

Highlights of Sunday

•CMT provides viewers with five consecutive chances to watch the 2003 Christmas themed romantic comedy “Love Actually” (noon to 3:00 noon).

• “60 minutes” (8pm, CBS) plan to save holy text from ISIS saboteurs; Japan’s baseball phenomenon is apparent; The best single malt whisky in Scotland.

•TBS offers viewers 12 times to watch the “Christmas story” (9 PM to 8 PM on Sunday).

• ABC used a generational touchstone to celebrate Christmas Eve with the 1991 animated musical “beauty and the beast” (9pm, TV series).

•CBS repeated “I Love Lucy” (9pm, tv-g) and “The Dick Van Dyke Show – now live!” (10 p.m. TV- G).

• the chance to leave a mischievous list in ice age: mammoth Christmas (9:30 PM, Fox, r, TV- PG).

Choice of worship

Long vacation at the same time, by Ingrid Bergman (Ingrid Bergman) and Bing Crosby (Bing Crosby) starring “st Mary’s bell” (11 points, TCM) also has a Christmas party, but not the real Christmas movies. There are references to other classic films, including “this is a wonderful life” and “godfather”. Its hit song, sung by Bing Crosby, has been released by dozens of artists from Chet Atkins to Rosetta Tharpe. A version of the “drifter” can be heard in “Goodfellas”.

Saturday series

“NCIS: New Orleans” (9pm, CBS, TV 14) a dice roll… The celebrity’s personal bodyguard is due for “lethal weapon” (10 p.m., fox, TV 14). Two episodes of “48 hours” (10 p.m., CBS)

Sunday series

Krusty and his daughter share Christmas with the simpsons (9 p.m., Fox, r, tv-pg)… Peter at “Family Guy” (10 p.m., Fox, r, tv-14) (10:30 p.m., Fox, r, tv-pg)… Former American alex rodriguez appeared on “shark tank” (11 p.m., ABC, r, tv-pg)… Blue blood “(11pm, CBS, TV 14).


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