Fatal distraction: forgetting that a child is in the back of a car is a terrible mistake. Is this a crime?


Fatal distraction: forgetting that a child is in the back of a car is a terrible mistake. Is this a crime?

The defendant was a huge man, taller than 300 pounds, but in his grief and shame, he seemed to be big. He crouched in the sturdy wooden arm-chair, barely holding him, and gently sobbing into the tissue after the organization, a leg nervously under the table. Sitting in the audience’s first seat was his wife, looking depressed and absent-mindedly twisting her wedding band. The room was a grave. The witness spoke softly about such a painful event, and many people lost their composure. When a hospital emergency room nurse described how the police had brought him in first, the defendant appeared to be acting, and she began to cry. She remembered her eyes, her eyes closed, her back and forth, locked by some unfathomable personal torture. He could not speak for the longest time until the nurse sank next to him and took his hand.

The charges in the court were the result of a manslaughter by the Virginia commonwealth. There is no significant factual dispute. , 49, myers Harrison (Mike Harrison) is a kind of person, a diligent merchant, a doting, responsible father, until the summer of last year, work problems, to call his phone – he forgot to give up his son chase, in day care. In the hot summer of July, when the children stopped for nearly nine hours in a parking lot in herndon, the child slowly began to cry.

This is a puzzling unforgivable mistake, but is it a crime? It was a matter of the judge’s decision.

On one occasion, during a break, harrison staggered to his feet and turned away from the courtroom as if for the first time he had seen his shame. The big man’s eyes went down. He shook it until someone conversed him, and then he gasped with a strange lie, “my poor child!”

A group of high school students went to the court to take a class. The teacher evidently didn’t expect this. Within minutes, the wide-eyed children were kicked out.

The trial will last three days. Sitting side by side in the back of the court, the two women had walked for several hours to get there. Unlike almost everyone in the audience, they are not relatives or colleagues or close friends of the defendant.

“… The lower part of the body is red to purple. “.

The most harrowing evidence came, from the inspector, who came close to each other.

“… A green, discolored belly… Organ self – solubility… We call it skin slippage… When death occurs, the core body temperature reaches 108 degrees. ”

Mary – older, shorter – shaking. Lynn – the older man with strawberry blond hair – holds her in her arms, one arm around her shoulder, the other holding her body and holding hands.

After the trial, Lynn belfort and Mary parks quietly left, ignoring themselves. They don’t want to go there, but they feel a duty to the accused and take responsibility for themselves in a more complicated way.

At least it can be said that there are three people in one place, sharing the same heartbreaking history. All three have accidentally killed their baby in an incredible modern way.

“Heat therapy death” is the official title. When happen to young children, the fact is often the same: one day, the other a caring and concentrate on my parents will be busy because of the change of daily life, distracted, uncomfortable or be troubled, will only forget the child in the car. It happens somewhere in the United States, 15 to 25 times a year, in spring, summer and early fall. The season is almost here.

Twenty years ago, it was rare. But in the early 1990s, car safety experts claimed that the passenger side front airbags could cause children to die, and they suggested moving the child seats to the back of the car. So for a younger safety, the baby seat must rotate backwards. If the tragic consequences of poor visibility are not foreseen… So who can blame them? What kind of person forgets a baby?

The rich, it turns out. The poor and the middle class. Parents of all ages and RACES do the same. Mother is as likely as father. It happens in the long run of lack of thought, to fanatical organizations, to university education and illiteracy. In the last decade, it happened to the dentist. A postal clerk. Social worker a policeman. An accountant. A soldier. A lawyer assistant electrician. Protestant minister. Rabbi student. The nurse. A construction worker. Assistant principal. This happened to mental health consultants, university professors and pizza chefs. This happened to a pediatrician. This happened to a rocket scientist.

Three times last year, the worst of the worst year to date, there is no sign of abating.

The facts in each case are different, but parents are always on the phone of their spouse or caregiver and realize that there is always a terrible moment in what they do. Then came a frenzied sprint. Waiting is the worst thing in the world.

Each instance has its own terrible signature. A father parked his car next to the county market, and when he found his son’s body, a tuning table rolled around him happily. Another man tried to end things quickly, trying to beat a policeman at the scene. Several people – including Mary park in blacksburg – have been evicted from the workplace to the daycare center to pick up the children they thought would fall, never noticing the body in the back seat.

Then there’s the business executive in Chattanooga, tenn., who has to put up with the problem: his mobile detector car alarm went out in three different hours in the sun. But when he looked out, he couldn’t see anyone tampering with the car. So he shut the alarm remotely and went back to work calmly.


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