Hypocrisy or support for Indian deals: will pathfinder find the right path?


Hypocrisy or support for Indian deals: will pathfinder find the right path?


Published foundation (PF) is usually very useful about Sri Lanka need analysis of the economic reform, and promote the opposite of the political system and foreign policy countries economic cooperation and other cooperation.

Published recently in almost all the English newspaper “Indonesia – Sri Lanka relations: to build trust and promote bilateral cooperation,” the latest commentary, but encouraged readers doubt whether pathfinder fund failed to find their own path, are trying to Sri Lanka action of looking for a troubled trap. This is because this article seems to be composed of arguments that contradict the basic principles of economic theory and practice, which are not fixed in the framework of Sri Lanka’s interests.


The whole work was discovered, as if the pathfinder foundation provided a reason for the possible Indian agenda of the Modi Ranil conference and the subsequent interaction on the official level. For one thing, the PF statement stressed that the CEPA has always been advocated. Surprisingly, the pathfinder fund analyst team how can recommend signing a deal has not yet been finalized, and most importantly, except those who have to draft the agreement, anyone can’t see the agreement. Of course, PF could be one of them and have a chance to win the draft.

More surprisingly, the pathfinder foundation statement didn’t emphasize in the negotiation and final agreement before another trade expansion, appropriate and adequate implementation of the necessity of the existing free trade agreement, because it acknowledges “continue to reduce the effectiveness of the free trade agreement” India – Sri Lanka. In this regard, we observed whether intentional or negligent, PF have neglected the research literature, the literature emphasizes the before considering further deepen bilateral trade concessions, the free trade agreement with India – Sri Lanka, the necessity of the existing defects.

If PF’s position is seen to be within Sri Lanka’s interest framework, it is unlikely to miss the request. In addition, by doing so, indians can prove that they truly have a win-win trade partnership, which can be reflected in more Sri Lanka’s exports to India. Less developed countries, of course, political leaders and bureaucrats think that more and more agreement during the term of his or her office is a privilege, the execution of this agreement a minimum concerns, binding and without considering the terms of the long-term negative effects.

Readers may also want to know why the pathfinder foundation has always been in conflict with the established bilateral support in promoting competition, freer trade and a level playing field. One of many trading partners is favored, which is equal to discrimination, which can lead to market distortions, resulting in poor choice of consumers and inefficient distribution of resources. As readers of economics, we urgently want to see what the free trade champion theorists have responded to these seemingly contradictory proposals over the next few weeks.

Line of credit

Another surprising contradictory or hypocrisy pathfinder section is as follows: “due to restricted space of the commercial lending and unqualified foreign aid (ODA), should also give priority to credit line increase India’s infrastructure projects”. Is it funny that a learned economist in PF has not seen that India’s credit line is “borrowing”? If PF is fairly independent and free in its assumptions, will it provide more foreign borrowing for the economy, such as Sri Lanka?

In addition, PF analysts see India’s credit line as “preferential credit promotion development”? If so, they can report readers interest rates, credit lines, reimbursement deadline and grace period is suitable for India and Japan international cooperation agency, China or any other bilateral agencies, despite the multinational development financing, such as the world bank or the bank? Any layman will understand that there should be no room for lending to indians or Chinese, if there is no room for commercial lending, through so-called credit lines or even currency swaps.

On the other hand, public finance analysts have raised surprising links to boost credit lines for infrastructure improvements such as the sri lankan railway. In other words, the pathfinder foundation is driving the purchase and construction of Indian borrowing and Indian companies.

Before the Suggestions, the PF analysts may be worth studying about railway projects funded through the Indian credit investigation as a result, the recently published expert committee on so far by bilateral credit lines for railway project proposal report. The committee considered that they were non-competitive and opaque and violated the terms and conditions of the Indian bank’s terms and conditions.

The report also highlighted inadequate design, quality and technical issues. , however, it is known that internal transportation department under the leadership of former minister Ma Jidu mandela minister, has been approved by the cabinet, to public bidding, bidding for purchasing materials for railway project, and as much as possible in the local revocation especially emphasize different capital source countries of the corporate in the competitive bidding of credit conditions.

We hope that this progressive strategy will follow the current government to avoid corruption, mismanagement and wasteful spending.

A view that looks prejudiced

Frustratingly, independent think-tank, to choose like PF propagation seems biased opinion, in favor of India for railway infrastructure, such as credit, while ignoring the most competitive suppliers/lending institutions clearly with them for a long time the necessity of the economic position of good governance.

As a citizen of Sri Lanka, we firmly believe that maithripala-wickremesinghe, the current government, will adhere to the principle of transparency and conduct such activities on the basis of international competition. We firmly believe that pathfinder fund such a think tank should be advocated such principles, policies and practices, rather than foreigners corruption deals, consciously or unconsciously promote both American, Chinese, Indian, Japanese or English. Then we will all find the right path.


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