Is there news like fake news

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Is there news like fake news

Anyone with common sense knows not to believe everything he/she reads. Even teenagers know how to tell what’s worth reading and clicking on bait. So why is it more like a fake news now than ever? What has happened in 2017 that has sparked a rising concern about fake news? What’s behind it? Is this something new or something we just noticed? To answer these questions, we need to step back and look at the overall situation. Once we identify the game’s changing factors, we try to get a better understanding of the phenomenon.

When did fake news become such a problem?

What does propaganda mean to you?

Fake news: fake news. But this is not the first time that misinformation has been used to try to rally people. It has been done since the beginning of modern civilization. Why is that? Because convincing someone to act on this belief is more cost-effective than forcing and threatening them. Hope and personal faith are endless resources, while money, violence and coercion have their limits.

The first form of publicity and fake news can be traced back to ancient times. One of the most famous examples in this sense, even in the name of the novel Quo Vadis? Henryk Sienkiewicz, a lie that pervades the Roman empire, has been engaged in cannibals and incest. In fact, around the third century, Christian and non-christian writers were involved in a war of lies. People usually trust the information provided by the parties they belong to.

The most famous Nazi fake news of the 20th century was the reality of a hidden concentration camp. Images of the people in the camp dancing and laughing, and it is just the idea of a work camp, just as it on the door at auschwitz, puts it: work makes you free, let people know nothing about the real situation in the dark. Then the publicist told the germans about the role they should play, how they conquered territory and what the army did in their name.

So why all of a sudden there’s too much fake news in 2017?

Donald trump’s political campaigns and elections are a determining factor in this regard. The game itself is a roller coaster of emotions, with so many skeletons in all the closets and so many fine details that it’s boring to watch. But, as expected, some of the information turned out to be false. Even so, Donald trump was elected and many are shocked by the results.

What followed was an avalanche of news reports about strange problems. If americans are used to chase a reporter, in order to get a good story, who will misunderstand anything, all of a sudden, trump the President has began calling for leading news channel, and accused them of spread false information. CNN is one of the most prominent.

The most important accusation that President trump has been wavering as a result of the fake news is that he got the Russian relations and support to win the election. Everything in nature began to be counterfeited. The word caught people’s attention.

When you start noticing your fake news

Don’t make mistakes. Modern Internet users are still aware of the existence of fake items. These are what we call clickbait articles, and they’re easy to identify. For starters, they are promoted by unrelated websites that are desperately trying to get you to click on links and get some traffic. In addition, they go from “you won’t believe… “” when… What happens “or anything that causes attention. These people would succumb to taking pictures of people from the Internet and pass it on to others as something else. However, these tabloid types of articles are easy to identify, and you just know that the information doesn’t match the title, which will be wrong or irrelevant.

But how do you deal with the intrusion into social media? Seemingly legitimate news platform articles, reliable headlines and good promotion? Another friend likes it, you read fast, and then through it. This happens again and again until the fake news travels. Not noticing that you’re already part of the problem, you’re already lying. It is not to prove that President trump is right about the Russian connection, but in fact the Internet has been compromised by such a link.

How to tell you are dealing with fake news

Those who are looking for fake news to spread quickly, on the Internet and on social platforms, rely on people’s habits. By this we mean that they know exactly what people do when they check their personal data. If a link appears in their news feed, they will read it and react to it and pass it on. Especially if the link is visible, because another friend has already reacted or Shared it. In fact, the other person on your list has seen this, and can’t make it legal.

If you look closely, you’ll find that the article was published without any other articles, and it’s a landing page for an article you’re reading. Navigation can only go back and forth. Another time-consuming task will mean looking back at where your friends get the links. Since this is invisible to you, you will only ignore this step.

Check information from other sources. But remember, sometimes, as much as possible, resources are for you to mislead you. Do you have access to other fake news sites? Is. Isn’t this a reporter’s job? B: yes. But you have to do that to make sure.

Fake news is now a big deal because the means to disseminate information are more readily available. With a click of the button, you can pass it all over the Internet in a few minutes. It was a long time to buy a newspaper that was well known for its expertise and believed in the writings and studies of journalists. Now everyone writes, everything can be published.


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