Letters: long news articles, undisturbed flow reviews, mobile phones


Letters: long news articles, undisturbed flow reviews, mobile phones

After a short break, the page is back! And, uh, you’ve been asking us hard questions.

Ga. The best plan, right? Last month, the time beat us, our letters page must have a rest, and we can bear the geek frantically trying to ship to its daily DoGMRoD the last letter (see page). But we’re back! And you ask us more difficult questions. We tried to answer.

Actually, here it is.

Real long news articles

I’ve been doing this for a long time. This is the [edit] website, and I edit it every day.

I do have a question. What are the updates to these long news articles? Can’t we just have a story for every story? It’s much easier to comment.

Continue to do [edit]. You are far better than [and best].


Simon’s reply: thank you Peter. We think you are [editor’s good].

We’ve been experimenting with how to present the news over the past year and try to find the best balance. I’ll give you all the facts and then talk about why we did what we did.

1. First, we calculate that if this is just another projection news, that is the whole story, it is usually best to attach it to an earlier story.

2. There are two reasons for us to turn to longer news summary formats.

First, people tend to enter the scene more actively. Second, in fact, it provides the exact same material for more readers. We don’t have – I think we already have a support clickbait or the strategy of cheap click record, on the contrary, this approach allows us to write out what we want to cover, and in the case of not cheat to bring more traffic. Statistics show that more people are reading comprehensive reports than individual articles. As long as we’re not deceiving you, it’s what the viewers of the geek era want.

The question, of course, is where to leave a comment. “Geek community” (Den) Geek community does mean that the world for us, so we accept such a depressing thing, that is not so easily in the story of a comment, because this story has been in the minds of many others.

We are trying now, and we have been using the content of the doctor who tested, so running a single story, and add it to the larger, part of the summary. In that case, individual stories still have room for comment. If we do that, we will expand.

I was careful to look as if we had two identical articles on the site, but endured while we were working.

As always, if you have questions about the content of the site, I will always be honest. Hopefully we can explain what we’ve done.

Hello, geek!

I won’t waste [edit] because you’ll edit it, anyway, I’d rather have a mysterious air. What do I think of your website? You never know.

In any case, the right to dive.

I know I’ve been touched before, but I want to talk about the topic of TV commentary. I totally understand that there are only so many of you, there are only so many hours, so the comments are usually about what you like. The good news is that we have similar tastes (this is a comment on your taste, not your site or content; P)!

However, I don’t always read these things, because you usually only launch a destructive comment, rather than a non-disclosure comment. For example, the latest incarnation of the hero. This is a show I want to watch. The first season of the hero must be one of the best TV shows of the last 20 years. However, the two to four seasons make me cry, there are only four channels of the day, so like English TV filter out!

So, am I in trouble now?

If I start, it is rubbish, I will still see it, because I am a little like the obsessive compulsive disorder of TV programs, but I’m afraid every week’s installment, and may cry yourself to sleep run (season 2-4 is evidence of this is I’m going to do!! ).

So when I saw you make a comment, I was like “yes! They tend to have similar opinions about TV and movies (again, the taste, not the website!). So they’ll be able to stop me from getting into a nightmare… It’s supposed to be where this program is going to lead me.

But your comment contains spoilers, so I can’t read it. If I see it, I’ll remember to come back and see if you’ve warned/question its quality is too late.

In the future, may I ask you something about your favorite program, and passionately review (whether to talk about how amazing it is, or how they take once promising concept, and continue to show how bad it could have done) may be wrong in the spoiler free comment?

Most people would like to see if the comments are worthy of a “recommendation”, which I think would make a disturbing review redundant. They already know if they like it – most people care, if you do that? The only thing I really do is show the walking dead – once I get caught, if there’s no predator, I’ll always click on your saboteur comments. However, I’ll post those [edited] articles. ) exchange for a risk-free walking dead review, because I can use it in my work to build on my expectations/excitement.

Anyway, go on… B: well… Work. Just work – I wouldn’t say if I thought it was a good thing.


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