The line of life


The line of life

Trekking from Mexico to Colombia, through eight countries and the world’s most dangerous jungle. Leveson wood needed some stops…

“Read before bed?” “Said levinson wood, doubtfully. “I usually spend time negotiating with tribal leaders so that I can camp out.”

For a man who has recently returned from a 2,897-kilometre stretch of Central America, this is an adequate response. When you travel through some of the world’s most difficult terrain, bedtime books can be a luxury you rarely consider. However, now that we have safely beyond his unpredictability of the natural habitat — not climb mountains, also is not to cut down on forest vegetation, but sitting in the London press office: a different kind of crazy.

Wood is a writer, explorer, experienced walker and recently crowned TV phenomenon. He’s also an upcoming deadline, and while we’re talking, there’s another four chapters of a new book to look forward to. As a survival specialist, he was well aware of the signs of danger. Angry publishers can be as powerful as poisonous snakes.

The final chapters of his journey from Mexico to Colombia will come from his “very cliched research, on the wood walls and on the walls.” Like any self-respect explorer, he retains an old-fashioned travel log, and spend half an hour scribbling notes when the end of the day – when you’re lying in a hammock head torch when dying, it is not easy.

Wood embarked on the Nile in 2014, and then from Afghanistan to Bhutan in 2015, traversing 2,735 kilometers of highway from the Himalayas. His attack on TV was accidental. The encounter with TV editors has led to three prime-time episodes aired on channel 4, a process that has attracted a large number of fans. He took most of the footage himself, presenting a rugged style and a solidly lovable nature that clearly resonated with audiences around the world.

But while he may have become famous for showing extreme life, wood is a simple and happy man. The next time you see him recently, or read the accompanying stroll “American” a book, you can consider this: yes, he may in some dangerous terrain facing a near death scene, but he may well is considering an old-fashioned Sunday roast dinner. It was a difficult time for him.

“The food in Central America is not that attractive,” he said. “It’s good in Mexico, and then we get worse in the south. After a while, you’ll get tired of frying plantains and beans. “But while food may be a struggle, the risk is not disappointing. “Our best day may be diving into a diving center in Mexico,” he said, referring to the spectacular underwater caves that carry swimmers and divers to the underground world. “It’s amazing.”

Although water was wood’s best day, it was also his worst source, and his greatest fear: the shark fight. “Between Mexico and Belize, we had to take a small fishing boat across a stretch of water. When we were about to go, we looked under the surface and saw hundreds of sharks – a nursery that was as big as this one. “He held out his hand and held out his hand. “I was with alberto (his friend and guide), and photographer Neil asked us to jump in and make a movie… So we did it. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. ”

You must expect the army to find out the roots of wood’s appetite for adventure. He grew up to listen to his grandfather’s war stories. They made him realize that the world was bigger than his home in stoke city. After studying history at Nottingham trent university, he joined the British army, prince harry, as an officer in sandhurst and a paratrooper in Afghanistan in 2008. Wood’s father – geology and geography teacher – was camping in the hilltop area during his childhood, and the age of 14 was the most important.

When asked about his earliest travel memories, he responded with almost childlike warmth: “when I was four, I went to Greece with my parents. We live in this poor little apartment and they send me to the grocery store every day – I have to order in Greek. “Fortunately, his travel vision extends beyond the Greek republic, and fortunately his guide now takes care of all the local lingo.

Exploration is always accompanied by romantic notions. From 15th century Portuguese explorers to Edmund Hillary (Edmund Hillary) and tenzin Noel cover (Mr. Tenzing Norgay) in the process of conquest of mount Everest in 1953 discovered a new land, it is seen as a brave and noble pursuit – despite the fact that the early exploration of how unrealistic. However, the explorer’s new variety has redefined terms and conditions. From bear grylls to Bruce parry, edstafford to wood is no longer the domain of the world’s elite. Now all you need is a willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

But while wood is part of the changes in the defence, his role model is still classic. Such as Ranulph Fiennes and Sir John Blashford – Snell (1971 famous explorer across DarienGap) fans, he is from the writer Eric Newby and get inspired, Richard Burton, who travel to mecca in disguise a europeans were barred from the time of death, is also the first to visit one of the African great lakes look for source of europeans.

Snell successfully survived the dangerous in the gorge (DarienGap) – a huge jungle joined the panama and Colombia – to strengthen the confidence of the expedition to the final stop wood, but it is still his fear most part of the journey. On the Pan-American highway 48000 kilometers, break through the centuries of traveler’s reputation, it is said that if a wire snake doesn’t kill you, so drug gangs may be doing it, but the wood is a bit more pain. Known as one of the wettest places on earth, this is not the type of environment you want to use for expensive photography kits. “Literally, we’ve destroyed every camera. We have seven, and they are all dead. Once, we were using the iPhone. ”

It is not just the terrain that provides the problem. These may be dangerous land, and well-meaning intentions are small, and expert lawyers are necessary. When it comes to the two rival gangs in San Pedro Sula (where homicide rates are highest between 2013 and 2015), wood calls for divine intervention. “We got a very unique approach, going through Rivera Hernandez (the notorious gang occupation zone) and basically getting local community leaders – pastors – to lead us through the area. He was good friends with the gang owners in the prison, so he made a call to let us go safely. ”

It’s a story like this that reveals a lot about wood. You’ll get the impression that he’s not really interested in hanging a flag on the summit or hunting for his dinner (he’ll leave it to grylls). Instead, his motivation was a conversation along the way. A chance encounter on a hike. “It’s definitely the best way to know people,” he said. That’s how he got to his unofficial USP– an incredible ability to show in a completely different way what we might be afraid of.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he admitted. “no fire, no smoke. I went to Central America and I saw gangs and drugs and so on, but there was also incredible hope and excitement. “The perfect example is in ElPeten – one of Guatemala’s most notorious bandits. This is the balance of some hidden mayan pyramids found in the jungle of Mexico. You won’t find them on any map, only a few locals know about them. Those days make any difficulty worthwhile.

As for the future, his risk is now severely curtailed. If possible, he could squeeze a vacation – not avoiding drug cartels or snakes, but “lying on the beach or in the city”. Anything more extreme would be a bit like a bus holiday. “

As we diverged in our way, wood suggested that his next expedition might not even be on foot. “I don’t want to wear my legs,” he said with a laugh. But even though he didn’t have anything to go for, there was one thing that told me he wouldn’t have climbing boots.


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