Satisfy the DIY motor to modify the old car and motor.


Satisfy the DIY motor to modify the old car and motor.

EV West built the world’s first electric ferrari in a California car store.

“What does daddy’s car make?” Michael blam asked his son eli. The two-year-old paused for a moment. “Vroom,” he said.

“No, that’s not,” said Bream. There was something in Eli, and he made a more gentle voice. “Woosh.” The snapper nodded.

When they race on the freeway, the snapper’s car and his classic hit, it doesn’t sound like a normal car. That’s because they’re completely electric – they don’t need gas. In October, I visited EV West, a store in Bream, southern California.


EV West is a boutique car garage dedicated to the removal of internal combustion engines and replaced with batteries. The team of snapper and his more than a dozen technicians has been transformed from a Volkswagen bus in the 1950s to a ferrari 308 GTS, from gas cars to all-electric rides.

Older vehicles are usually less efficient and emit more carbon than new vehicles, but many choose to drive them because they look cool. Thanks to EV West, car enthusiasts don’t have to compromise between the environment and the classic.

The snapper’s small garage is located behind a commercial warehouse in SAN marcos, calif., a sleepy suburb not far from San Diego. The whole place is more like a computer lab than a car shop. Without the smell of gasoline, the garage had no grease that I had contact with the local mechanic. On the wall is the old car poster, which has been the benefit of photoshopped power.

In one corner is a tesla Powerwall, a large battery that stores energy collected from 18 or so solar panels on the roof of the EV west. The snapper team USES Powerwall to charge many of its electric vehicles.

EV West buys batteries for its cars in the usual way. When the tesla model S crashes, its parts are usually sold at auction. The snapper’s garage, and then put them in the old car. The old engines were sold in the second-hand market, where primitive parts were still needed.

It’s not cheap to retrofit cars. If you want EV West to do it for you, it will cost about $18,000. That’s if you take an old-fashioned Volkswagen beetle and want it to have a 100-mile battery. Different models of cars and larger batteries will cost you extra. You also need to be patient: the next year’s business will be booked.

“We really spend our time making sure cars meet our standards,” Bream told me.

As I strolled through the shops of Bream, I met some of the reducers that Spencer Larue worked for him. At the University of San Diego State University, he made an electric mini bike and pulled it inside. Because it’s electric, I can cruise along the corridor.

After checking the garage, Bream took me to an old electric Volkswagen beetle that was painted bright yellow. “It’s an old car,” brim said. “Sometimes the door opens.” Then he pulled a bug in a grassy area behind the garage, and six dozen of his mechanics watched me scream from the passenger side window.

It’s strange to have an antique car converted into electricity. The car went quietly forward without a rumble. Manual transmission should not feel smooth. It’s like a car running on butter. The experience is an enjoyable futurism, even if the upholstery of your butt has been around for decades.

The west of electric cars is a small shop, part of an equally small industry – at least for now. There are only a dozen cars a year in the garage, and less than one percent of the world’s roads are electric.

At the same time, electric cars are promising in electric cars. They are set to sell more than two decades of sales of fossil fuel powered vehicles, according to bloomberg new energy finance group. By 2040, according to the same report, cars with stoppers will be a third of the world’s cars and emit 8 million barrels of oil a day. This is significantly more oil than exxonmobil produces every day.

One reason experts predict that electric cars will eventually become mainstream is that the cost of producing lithium-ion batteries is falling fast. Battery prices are crucial because they account for a third of the cost of electric vehicles. The global lithium mining industry has made significant progress in electric vehicle sales in the next few years.

“I’m afraid people won’t do the right thing until the cheapest time,” Bream told me. “My only real hope is that these renewables will be cheaper.”

Experts estimate that the hope of B fish will soon become a reality. By 2040, the cost of a remote electric vehicle will be less than $22,000. This is quite cheap – the cost of a gas-guzzling 2017 Honda civic is about the same.

There is also a question to answer: how will we use the necessary electricity to power an electric vehicle if it is on a large scale? The answer is likely to be renewable energy, such as wind and solar. Solar power, in particular, is promising: it is the fastest growing source of new energy, according to the international energy agency. Jobs in the industry are also reported to be 17 times higher than the U.S. economy.

But there are reasons to doubt the future of electric cars. At the moment, if they don’t charge, they can’t go far, and the charging stations are still very small. The rest of the world is also likely to double the cost of new cheap fossil fuels as electric vehicles help reduce the cost of oil.

It makes sense that Michael Bream of EV West and his team chose to remain optimistic. Every car in their garage proves how the power of clean power can change the environment around us. Especially the 1978 ferrari 308 GTE.

The car was burned in the fire and later recovered to use the new power source, making it the world’s first electric ferrari. Eric Hutchison, a friend of the western electric car, found the sports car at a junkyard and bought the sports car at a steep discount and rebuilt it. When you consider that ferrari’s chairman, Sergio Marchionne, once said that electric ferraris would be “obscene”, riding in the car felt particularly rebellious.

I bet he never made the first rotation in the world.


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