The history of driving a cinema.


The history of driving a cinema.

The concept of showing a movie outdoors is not new. People often watch silent films on the beach or in other places filled with the sky. But auto parts salesmen like Hollingshead see a genius for making cars more active in cars.

He first thought of the solution to the problem. “His mother is – what should I say? – it’s big for indoor theater seats, “said Jim Kopp of the Manhattan theatre owners association. “So he stuffed her into a car, put a 1928 projector on the hood of the car, and tied two sheets to the tree in the yard.

Hollingshead created a ramp system that stops at different heights so everyone can see the screen. He was granted a patent in May 1933 and opened the door to his theatre next month.

The second drive, Shankweiler, began in Orefields, Pennsylvania, a year later. Several others followed, but the concept didn’t really catch on until the early 1940s, when car speakers appeared. By 1958, the number of pilots had reached 4,063.

“Driving really took off in the 1950s,” says Kopp. “They provide family entertainment. People can sit in the car, they can bring the baby, they can smoke. The cab is more flexible than the indoor theater. ”

However, indoor cinemas are more flexible in their schedules, showing a film five or six times a day, rather than at night. Therefore, in order to sell as many tickets as possible, the film company sent their first batch of tickets to the indoor theater. Drive is left to show b-movie, and finally, x-rated. Naughty helps some drives to survive.

Land prices are the real reason many vehicles come In, says d. Vogel, owner of Benjies drive-in, near Baltimore, md.

“People will build in the suburbs of the town, and the town will grow and grow,” he said. He explained that the combination of such a fact is that so many drives are the parent company that few offspring choose to continue running. The result is a decline in car accidents across the country.

“You don’t get enough income, or you’ll see AMC or someone else driving,” vogel said. “It’s hard-earned money.”

There are still about 400 crashes in the United States today, and that number hasn’t changed much in the last five years. There are also 100 other drives outside the United States, mainly in Canada and Australia. The concept has suddenly become popular in China, cope says.

According to the national theatre owners association, more than 75 percent of the country’s population is privately owned.

“Digital cinema is a threat to both opportunists and opportunists,” Patrick Corcoran, the association’s director of media and research, said in an email. “An opportunity, because the Numbers will allow them to get a new movie sooner than they do – they are usually a few weeks after the break of the new movie. This is a threat because the cost of managing digital transformations is high, and some may not. ”

Of course, Kopp is betting on ‘drive-ins’. In 2005, he and his wife purchased the Raleigh Road outdoor theater in Henderson, north Carolina, for $22,000 on eBay. He says they have invested about $300,000 since removing seven acres of weeds and modern technology. Today, the theater can hold 265 cars and screen movies on a 60-foot (80 foot) screen. The sound comes from a car radio.

According to Kopp, Rowley’s movie tickets and other drives are usually made up of g-rated movies. Disney movies are booming, and so are animated movies.

“We have some people coming out every week. “It’s almost like a post-door,” says Kopp.

He also saw his partially atomized window, which included a “enthusiastic” middle-aged couple, noting that the lights of the theatre were out and the doors were locked.

And then there are those who pay for the infiltration.

“Last week we patrolled the property of the golf cart and we saw a hole in the fence,” kopp said. “Some children have already run. So we put some chairs and some popcorn aside and left a sign that said, “at least sit down and watch the movie.” We were children, too. “

The next day, the popcorn disappeared.


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