The war mattress sold to you is an Internet nightmare.


The war mattress sold to you is an Internet nightmare.

One day in spring 2016, I mentioned to a friend that I needed a new mattress. My hand sank, as comfortable as concrete.

My friend said, “I know someone who can give you a free mattress.

It sounds too good to be true, but my friend protested that it was true: “this guy Kenny, he commented on the mattress on the Internet, and the company just sent them to him. He can’t get rid of them very quickly. “Before long, email:” David, see Kenny.

Journalists should not accept freebies. But one thing I’m sure of is that I will never write an article about online mattress reviews, which is obviously boring and makes me feel a little sad. So when Kenny replies that he hopes to unload the mattress soon, I just ask him what kind of wine he likes.

Kenny klein used to live alone in brooklyn, and a few days later I walked through a red bottle of red wine. Kenny put me in, and I went to the entrance and found a large mattress waiting for me, ready to grab, if I liked. But I want to give him Kenny.

I called Kenny and he came out of his apartment and greeted me on the stairs. He was a tall, unassuming man with a brogrammer affinity. I later learned that he studied physics and finance at Washington university in st. Louis, where he rowed a crew, a Beta Theta Phi brother. I’ll also look at some of his mattresses and comment on video.

I asked Kenny about his unusual hobby, which he thought was the stuff he made for beer. But he surprised me by saying it was him and his business partner, a man named Joe Auer, who made a living. Their two website Mattress, Clarity and Slumber Sage is dedicated to check the Mattress.

Kenny told me that in the last few years, many mattress review sites have sprung up. And then, he had a strange unreasonable that: just a few days ago, mattress caspar e-commerce companies filed a lawsuit against the three bloggers – Kenny’s rivals, his comments caspar don’t like it. Fortunately, Kenny and his business partners survived.

I called Uber and dragged my free mattress to my third-floor apartment. The mattress has a fluffy floss top that I don’t really like, but you get what you pay for. As the months passed, I got used to it.

I may have completely forgotten casper’s rumored lawsuit, if the mattress brand doesn’t follow me anywhere I go. That summer and fall, caspar ads sprouted all over New York: beautiful ads, often lined with subway cars, and cartoon creatures curling up on mattresses. In caspar’s cartoon, even the big bad Wolf sleeps beside the three little pigs.

In October, I wrote to Kenny to ask what was going on. “One of the bloggers just released it,” Mr. Kenny wrote back, offering a link to a website, the

“Caspar is suing the federal litigation Sleepopolis,” read the title on the page I opened. The article was written by Derek Hales, the website owner. Derek’s photo shows a pale, thin, twentysomething freckle and short red hair. I clicked on his website. Derek Hales apparently carefully evaluated the mattress, grading it from level 1 to level 10 and cutting it to measure the exact thickness of the foam.

I went back to the litigation page.

Derek writes: “from the very first day that the Sleepopolis was released, I knew I wanted to build something different. “Comments are rooted in honesty, transparency, integrity and clarity, without marketing talk or fluff. Guided by these principles, I think the Sleepopolis reader has the right to know that casper slept in New York, filed a federal lawsuit, and personally sued the Sleepopolis and me.

So it’s true. I scratched my head. Caspar is becoming a $750 million company. It is the most sought-after figure in the box, with investments from prominent people like Ashton Kutcher and Nas. Is this a thin blog from Arizona?

I called my editor, and acknowledges that at the time of a weakness, I accepted a free mattress mattress online commentators named Kenny, I want to write the odd industry and more strange, David legal fight goliath.

It was impossible to know at the time, but the outcome of this battle could affect the purchase decisions of thousands or even millions of people seeking a good night’s sleep. It will also reveal how the Internet and the companies there have completely blurred the line between product reviews and advertising. I want is just a mattress, but I get is a little-known and very profitable e-commerce attachments, in this case, relationships often become too comfortable, until they don’t.

I wanted to know how Derek Hales got into the mattress review, so I called him in Arizona. He has the nerdy ethos of Jesse Eisenberg’s character. Derek told me he had been a startup. He helped his college tuition by creating the world of warcraft blog. After graduating from Kansas in 2010 with a business degree, he spent years working outside phoenix for search engine optimization or search engine optimization (SEO).

In 2012, Derek wrote a message to his math teacher Samantha Niezwaag on “Email quickly became a novel,” samantha later recalled. Both grew up in the Midwest and south, obsessed with the ring. A flirtatious conversation turned to the question of whether they could compress 78 dates into 25 weeks, which means there are 3.12 dates a week, says derrick.

Samantha said, “when he gave me two decimals, he got me hooked.” On their engagement website, samantha calls Derek “holy, passionate, loyal, supportive, ambitious, smart and fun.” They got married in May 2014.

Young husbands and wives need a new mattress, but the price of the local mattress store is shocking: the average queen is about $1,500, but a fancy tempur-pedic is $5,000. One of Derek’s colleagues introduced him to a company called Tuft&Needle, which was made in phoenix two years ago, and sold its large mattresses directly to consumers for $600. Although it’s a bit unusual to buy such a big project online, there is a 100-day trial period. What is the risk?

After arriving, Derek and Samantha found that Tuft&Needle was too firm for their taste, so they organized donations and received a refund. They then tried to work with another online mattress company called Casper. When their caspar mattresses arrived, Derek and samantha found they liked it enough to keep it.


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