Not close to the DACA deal, the republicans pushed for plan B to keep the government open.

Activists marched to Trump Tower in New York in anticipation of President Donald Trump's elimination of the DACA program.

Not close to the DACA deal, the republicans pushed for plan B to keep the government open.

The President and congressional Democrats trump doesn’t seem to be close to agreement to protect “dream home” from deportation, but republicans are working on a plan B, if approved, will prevent the government to shut down, an election year extension of at least one month.

The continuing resolution is due to expire on Friday, but republicans have proposed reintroducing parking Spaces after February 16.

Democrats have threatened not to vote on any spending resolution that does not include a delay in delaying children’s arrival. Republicans want, however, by delaying two years to implement the unpopular tax subsidies and high-end employer health insurance plan of medical equipment, and the children’s health plan (CHIP) for six years to authorization, they can get enough Democrats to aboard.

The top republicans seem to like the deal and want to vote before Thursday’s Friday.

As NPR Susan Davis (Susan Davis) reported, “the consensus between members is such a vote, is to spend time on immigration and budget negotiations, negotiations, they want to vote for/against the closure of the.”

DACA deals have swept the world because of government shutdown.

Trump’s comments threaten the DACA deal.

Susan reports that house majority leader Kevin McCarthy (r-calif.) Already the first to negotiate for house republicans. He plans to meet with republican senator John Cornyn of Texas and democratic senator Dick Durbin and representative Stenny Hoyer on Wednesday.

“We don’t want to shut down the government… We need to keep the government open. “But we will not be held hostage to what we believe will be in the best interests of the American people.”

Hall of speech and the echo of speech of many Democrats, they said, if you don’t agree DACA, they are unlikely to support any measures, DACA last week the President’s vulgar comments caused the African countries the question of immigration. As the Associated Press noted, “the Democrats seem to have no reason to bargain with many of the party’s presidents, who believe they hold racist views about immigration.”

The Associated Press reported, “republicans have enough votes to pass the house of representatives to push a measure, if they remain united, but some republicans voted against the defense eagle may because they wanted lawmakers approved the pentagon spending for a long time, conservatives also threatened the water”.


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