Toyota announced its flagship vehicle modification.


Toyota announced its flagship vehicle modification.

Toyota is investing in a major overhaul of the Avalon sedan. It’s an interesting choice because americans are bypassing the SUV’s car. Although Avalon is reliable, its shape is considered to be the best.

Over the past decade, americans have shown a keen interest in suvs, while full-size sedans are known as grandfathers. Under such circumstances, Toyota is announcing a revamp of its flagship sedan, which is crucial to Toyota’s future. NPR’s Sonari Glinton reports.

SONARI GLINTON: well, this is the big motor show in Detroit, and I’m here to watch one of the most important cars on the Toyota road. Now, this is a formula one car, a snazzy SUV, a super fast, all-electric self-driving car – it doesn’t matter, it’s omnipotent.

(record file)

Jack hollis: you’re about to see the new 2019 Toyota avalon not just the sum of its parts.

GLINTON: that’s Jack Hollis. He is responsible for Toyota’s sales. Hollis USES the model as a sporty, comfortable car with all the technology. Let’s go back to the pitch.

(record file)

Hollis: now, are you ready? Apple CarPlay is finally standard.

Unidentified female: jack, well done – last.

Hollis: yes, anyway. We know that. We know that. We got it. You see, It took us a while, folks. You’ve been asking this question. But it’s here.

(music sound)

GLINTON: now, this is where Avalon arrives. They pushed it onto the stage. They play music, and you can never imagine coming out of the Avalon speaker. Then, reporters, analysts and executives came to power, including jack fischer, head of automotive testing at Consumer Reports.

JAKE FISHER: interestingly, they’re putting a lot of technology into Avalon. I’m not sure if this is the right market. When you look at avalon’s buyers, you know, I think what’s important to them is the room, the comfort and the quiet. And they didn’t mention a lot today.

Mr. Greenton: he says Toyota has been very careful, especially the big ones.

FISHER: in terms of technology, Toyota is always late for games, and it’s not accidental. This is because the reliability is sales of Toyota’s thing, and that is exactly what Toyota people buy things you really care about, not the latest, the greatest thing, is not necessarily the stuff.

Greenton: ‘Toyota dominates the U.S. market, so we can’t give up full-size cars,’ he said. The statement is reserved for the future, and fears that President trump could emerge from the north American free trade agreement. Avalon is and has been Toyota’s most American car, and it will only become more so. This is completely designed in the United States, and other Toyota has more parts from Mexico or Canada. After talking to a group of analysts, I talked to Toyota’s Jack Hollis for a few minutes.

Hollis: it’s a tougher market – complete. But great products still sell. Big cars still sell. I think we’ll have a great car.

GLINTON: do you know that sentence, always close? That’s jack hollis and his Toyota avalon.

Hollis: I promise. You take that car, just like you want to drive it. You say, damn it, that’s good. It will exceed your expectations. This is what I think the reason of all customers can buy the car – this is why I sell it, because when you see a name, and you see what is before – this is not the future.

GLINTON: no cheeks, but has anyone ever really had a Toyota experience, damn it, that’s good?

Hollis: oh, it’s a man. You have to go out with me.

GLINTON: well, it will be up to the market. Avalon will come out next year. From the bottom of the north American international auto show, NPR news, Detroit Sonari Glinton.

(natural singing voice, “in the morning”)


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