AMG C 43 is actually more explosive than you think!


At the beginning, I saw that Mercedes incorporated C 450 AMG into AMG and changed its name to AMG C 43. I was a little conflicted.
On the one hand, the “43 series” lacks the “one person, one machine” tradition of AMG, and has lost a feeling that was born out of “stubbornness”. On the other hand, due to the over-pure C 63 of the previous generation, this generation of AMG C 63 once again launched the AMG C 43 of this 3.0t V6 engine after the turbine, and I was a little worried about the “AMG” sign.
However, when I am driving at the zhuhai circuit after 63 S and directly put on C 43 C, speak true, I concern with the C 43 “straight to” dynamic feeling gradually faded, and C 63 S pull the dynamic response of feeling feeling extremely and S + mode without modifying the intense sense of shift impact are revealed in its seems to be flowing AMG genes in the body.
In coach lead lined up in the process of the test drive, C 43 of the 3.0 T V6 engine broke out 367 horsepower and 367 cattle, motivation, didn’t let me finish this just drive C 63 S what people produce loss. And at the end of the big straight road at the zhuhai circuit, this C 43 still gives me a lot of confidence.
Even more pleasantly, this C 43’s exhaust sounds in the sense that I don’t think I’m going to lose this generation C 63. Because of this generation C 63, after the engine turbo, the exhaust sound wave, although it is intended to replace the 6.2L V8 self-priming engine, there is a certain gap in the actual sound effect.
And 43 roars of exhaust although does not have the C 63 C on the V8 engine low boiling water, but the final 43 exhaust sonorous tone and polybasic C I think it will and generation of a more elegant appearance, at the same time the volume of the high pitch with the exhaust has made no secret of tempering is absolutely enough “Fried”!
So, through practical experience can be concluded that the C is 43 and mercedes-benz official propaganda, in each key parts are made by AMG vehicle department of, just, may do not as extreme as 63 C, like C 43 in suspension will be slightly softer.
But if you go back to the reality and look at the car owners who actually buy C43, there is a general reaction to the C43 suspension. So, I sincerely believe that if you don’t pursue the so-called extreme, or the V8 feelings, buying a C43 is really enough.
At the same time, C43 and C 63 also maintain a high degree of consistency in the interior parts, so I sincerely believe that this C43 is enough AMG.
Besides, GLC 43 also gave me a big surprise. Although in exhaust voices than 43 C is suppressed, but in the S + model, reduce the body after traction with a good body can have certain supportive but road opening, filters out the suspension of turbulence on the track racing, flavour is also enjoy.
A lot of people say, now car manufacturer to make money, already not pure! But I want to ask these friends, don’t consumers benefit from it? Some people just have a limited budget, and they rarely get off the track, and the driving skills are not so good. What’s wrong with buying a “43 series” with a lower threshold? The 63 series is stronger than the 43 series, and maybe these consumers won’t be able to use it at all.
As though BMW X1, driving texture, general feel generally, but enough cheap enough to face, the consumer is benefit, at the same time, BMW also make hi, isn’t it a win-win situation?


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