AMG driving school.


Every major performance car brand holds driving training courses every year, and AMG is no exception.
Is the tenet of this training course, “the old driver’s experience in the professional track directly impart to you, help you improve your driving skills at the same time, also can go to explore to the vehicle’s g-spot and limit! In this way, the car owners can better use the “yule” in their hands, and get the ultimate pleasure in the interaction.
This time, I had a chance to visit the AMG driving school, and in the day time almost all the AMG models experience again, including under the default position, I was not very bullish on 43 “AMG series”.
But just a little sadly, the experience activities to be on the safe side, all vehicles of ESP to keep the full open position (stability to I in driving C 63 S turn to oil it is difficult to make the rear left up to the chassis…). . In addition, the experience of the zhuhai circuit process is lined up form, although section gather together is compact and can open A 45 this car A push, but for C 63 S, when the GT S models of this kind of extreme high, did it mildly.
Fortunately, the whole experience, the feeling is quite a lot. Why don’t we talk about the two things that I remember most?
First say A bit, what I call the “favorite” refers to in A 45, 45 and CLA 45 this three GLA was born in precursor platform with timely all-wheel-drive system models, one of my favorite car. The 2017 versions of the three vehicles all carried a 2.0t engine with the maximum horsepower of 381, and the “0-100km/h” results were all in the early 4 seconds.
The AMG A 45 believes everyone not unfamiliar, A 45 was first launched in 2013 shocked the world, so to speak, when A 45 with only A 2.0 T engine to reach 360 horsepower and 450 cattle, grades, and more than 4 seconds of hundreds of kilometers acceleration time at that time is compared with some entry-level supercar shoulder. Therefore, AMG A 45 has become A dream of many car fans, and it is A dream that can be reached by hard work.
But five years on, in an era of steel cannons, the A45 is still strong, but its aura is less dazzling than it used to be. This feeling is not just for auto fans, but also for many A 45 car owners. Because with the development of China’s car culture, people gradually began to a little acceleration time gap between competing goods become less hard, instead focused on in the “fun to drive” level is hard to quantify.
This time in the practical experience, although that A45 solid, solid chassis can let me like a duck to water in the race to link small circuit, also create a very short body whole driving texture, but limit state under sudden have a haircut phenomenon is really let me a little less wrong.
The feature of A 45 overall pre-drive is really the driver’s attention to the front wheel’s grip to match the throttle. Coupled with the speed of the locomotive, it feels like A 45 is not very clever at the small circuit.
As for GLA 45, the elevated chassis does give the body a certain lateral tilt in the curve, but the good news is that it remains well tracked.
And my favorite CLA 45 reason is very simple, because the car 45 more obvious than A clever, not only to the rear of the more flexible, at the same time has significantly and the road to better communication, don’t like A45, give A person A kind of “whether” feeling. By the way, I forgot to mention that the brakes of these three cars are very powerful, and the media teachers are constantly destroying them, and there is no obvious thermal attenuation.


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