Deeply loved by americans, they like to drive a giant dragon.


In order to bring more and better content to Internet users, I and two other reviewers arrived in Los Angeles in advance, and our first stop was Los Angeles.
Off the plane after the first thing is to rent a car to work, run to the car rental company requirement is very simple, first of all, it must be “loaded” second enough for the United States, so Chrysler Pacifica into our eyes, Pacifica is actually a minivan successor (hereinafter referred to as a minivan), as it is our second stop Detroit to rent or a minivan, which where are all the same, in addition to the color away half a month in Los Angeles a minivan, understanding of it is quite good, then I will share with you about the depth of the minivan driving experience.
To tell you the truth, I didn’t think that the dragon was so popular in the United States at first, but after nearly half a month, I found that in the United States, it was really very high. It has the ability to conquer so many picky consumers in America.
I wonder if you remember the generation of a minivan long what kind, it is really too much business that the modelling of founder, is not very suitable for home, but a new minivan, great changes have taken place in the body have become much more rounded, look young, fashion, open it out don’t have to worry about misrepresented as the boss of the driver. In fact, American consumers are not particularly concerned about the light source. Many cars are halogens.
Thanks to the coordinated body ratio and smooth body lines, the side of the car does not look boring, and there is little flaw in the design level. The new dragon is basically at the same level in the body size, and its width and wheelbase have a slight advantage over competitive products.
The 17-inch alloy wheels with low car modelling is too common, to a certain extent, lower the car side aesthetic feeling, in contrast I prefer a minivan are equipped with 18 inches shiny rims, looking at have qualitative feeling more. Test drive is equipped with the main fuel economy and handling stability of yokohama AVID S34, and domestic models use is nexon NPriz RH7a tires, emphasizes the driving stability of train operation safety and rainy day.
The design of D column is very creative, and the visual effect is quite good. The double electric side sliding door not only improves the practicability, but also appears to be a good class. In addition, the use of car key remote car and the function of the remote switch door very practical, in the cold winter hot well, the car ahead of the passengers go to the front of the car side automatically open the door, let the passengers at the fastest speed drilling, will enhance the well-being of many car, Detroit in a world of ice and snow and we do.
The rear there is nothing special in design that grabs an eye, in the simple able to bear or endure look, the rear of the contour is founder, looks very sincere, can brings sureness to the person’s feeling, it is that enough for a MPV.
New a minivan is not just the appearance, the inverse growth is implemented in the interior also become more young, have contemporary feeling more, the structure of the instrument panel is MPV, design with more curves, make it looks more warmth, more suitable for home.
Chrysler family style steering wheel feel full, multi-function button position is reasonable and easy to use.
In the front row seat handrail bad review, narrow do not say, still cannot adjust high and low independently, with its big body shape not very match, the arm can not get better relax when driving long distance.
The medium – controlled multimedia touch screen also needs to be criticized, the small size of the poor, can not live up to its value, but it is good to touch sensitivity and the use of logic is reasonable. The car is equipped with back-up images and reverse radar, but for a car of this size, it’s just enough to have a panoramic image.
Don’t mention how much I love the front seat to heat the function, in the cold Detroit, it is a big savior, high heating efficiency, a moment can feel the heat, the bad is that it can only control the screen adjustment, if add two physical buttons in the air conditioning control area, it will be more convenient to use.
After depth using a few days, I found a minivan as a MPV is really quite considerate on the details, such as the vehicle is equipped with wide-angle lens for the driver and switch the back door and door keys.
New minivan chassis is belonged to a composed types, it is better than some ashkenazi MPV suspension is soft, and stronger than some Japanese MPV massiness, open in the city don’t bounce, high speed is also very solid, no sign of quilted. In addition, the bumpy road from the road can also be cut off from the floor, it has a texture.
Minivan sound insulation can be satisfying, wind noise, road noise and engine noise is controlled in a reasonable range, high speed, the car is not quiet but also less noisy, for the vehicle occupant conversation between basic won’t produce significant effect.


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