The Tesla Model 3 ultra detailed vehicle evaluation report can easily break 500km.


On March 31, 2016, I made an unusual decision, which completely changed my view of the automobile. At the same time, 200,000 people made the same decision as me: we all booked the Tesla Model 3, which made the first deposit for the future futures of the car.
After this long waiting. I further deepened to Tesla, and the understanding of its founder Elon Musk, the company also contributes to me in advance to buy the Model S, at the same time wrote my first zhihu lengthy answer
Each time step into the Model S door, hit the switch that moment, the acceleration of that kind of carefree feeling still let me linger, on the motorway, auxiliary driving open automatically, so simple, long journey in the Model S accompany this time more than a year, thanks to the ubiquitous Supercharger super charging station, from the mountains, to the lake, from the desert to the forest, my footprint almost visited the whole the west coast of the United States.
While this period, I have a reservation of Model 3 messages also gradually clear, in July 2017, Elon told the first batch of 30 Model began to have order 3 employees, as a Tesla customers, my orders were placed in the second tier, the login page, shows the expected time for is between November 2017 – January 2018
But the Model 3, which is on its way to California, is growing more and more, though it has since been delayed by a variety of Model 3 delays and slower manufacturing than expected. And time also in December, see will enter the second half of the expected delivery time, I suddenly received the Tesla Model 3 configure mail, torre users and Tesla factory nearby the blessing of the customer, I Model 3 orders, long wait to an end at last.
The next step is to choose the configuration, pay the deposit, and handle the transfer, record, loan, etc.

Finally, my configuration is as follows:
Long range battery ($9000)
Noble upgrade kit ($5000)
Automatic pilot drive ($5000)
19 inch sport tyres ($1500)
Pearl white ($1000)
But thanks to California government and federal tax rebates, the total price can be saved by $10,000.
Submitted order, after you had completed all procedures is the second time waiting, although the expected delivery time is 4 weeks, but only after more than two weeks, I received a phone call from Tesla, customer service, said can go to the car, Elon said appears to have solved the Model 3 biggest problem in mass production, did not break his word.
On a sunny Saturday, I arrived at Tesla’s new pick-up center and finally saw the Model 3 waiting for me.
If the first impression of the Model S is to be fast and fast, then the first impression of the Model 3 is the small jasper: the soft line, with the huge panoramic sunroof, tight to the back. The first thing that flashed across the brain was the Unibody Macbook Pro, which had the sort of whole metal cut out of it.
Without the common intake grid of gasoline cars, the front and cover are integrated.
In fact, the back of the Model 3 is more like the sliding back design of the Model X, but the high muscle lines on both sides of the rear wheel are full of traces of the Model S.
It is not a problem to actually get a mass-produced version of the trunk entrance that has been ridiculed on the test model.
In addition, this Angle can see the charming arc of panoramic glass.
There is also a second compartment under the trunk, where more items can be placed.
As for Tesla’s characteristic front – back box, I was unexpectedly “big”.
The installation of supercharging stations is still under way, at least for the time being, but the fabled upgrades and automation of charging power are still some way off.
From November 2016 Tesla holographic change increase automatic auxiliary driving until now has passed more than a year, but the actual experience is excuse me the name of the “enhanced”, eight cameras on the bus, activate the only half of it, and far from fully automatic driving, perhaps originally Elon is really thought in 2018 can realize fully automatic, so the above complain about UI, single control problem of the screen can be in a fully automatic driving. Unfortunately, the reality is not imagination, nor is the distortion field of the individual can be changed. We still have to rely on our hands or autonomous driving on the road to fully autonomous driving, so please optimize this part of UI and interaction.


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