Drive me with Citris’Grungy’ to clear your heart. ‘


Drive me with Citris’Grungy’ to clear your heart. ‘

Romance is not dead, it’s just hard. The gestures we were driving were as small and large as the tributaries, and suddenly flooded into the white water, hoping that we would come out from the other side.

Angelina Torreano, a singer and guitarist from brooklyn-based Citris, has experienced one of the most old-fashioned romantic gestures: a guy writes her love poems. When the intensity did not respond, it became very strange that she wrote a piece of prose that was published with the song.

“Drive me crazy” is about attacks on ego and self-esteem after a partner rejects it. There is a clear ending, but it still feels unsolved. This is a classic theme of the death of romance, how disturbing it is, and how to answer so many questions.

I had an experience with a guy I met in the north, and he wrote me this very sweet poem after watching our show. We ended up dating for about a month, and I was shocked at first by his love poems. I finally became very fond of him, but of course, he freaked out when I started to like him.

To make a long story short, the reason for the end of the matter is that emotion is overwhelming. But when you keep writing poetry for your “lover”, are you begging for mercy at this reciprocal intensity?

So to release the hurt feelings, I pulled some weeds and wrote, “drive me crazy.” Marijuana is also a very important asset for a breakup.

I think it’s important for me because the whole experience is really unsettling. Although it’s a very short time, it reminds me of the fact that even though I feel like I have this kind of appearance, I’m really vulnerable. In the end, it was a relief. So, as I said, I was hurt, and I messed up some major 7 chords in my living room at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., and DMC was born. I remember my roommate in his room copying the chorus back to me. I think that’s a good sign.

Citris’s “drive me crazy” feels like three songs stitched together from a broken heart. In his secretary’s closest (” you “is my favorite lover) and benign (” now I’m really very high/I think I am very sad”) after the confession, people with your fingertips acoustic guitar – it has to do with the quality of the early bright eyes to share a bedroom, will give you the most serious pain said to smear cosmetic mirror. But then the feedback creeps up at the door, and torretano’s howling hook – “you’re driving my craaaaaaaazy” – weeding out the slow motion of the guitar. At the last minute, the clumsy bridge became a subtle copy of the choir, as if the band had turned the torreano bedroom into a shoe store.

The new single follows the Panic of 2017 Panic In Hampton Bays, and has expanded the 1990s debt rock made by Torreano, Chris Krasnow (guitar), Eva Lawitts (bass) and Zane West (drum). “Drive me crazy” is a laxative on the wall, if it’s a little confusing – but hey, so is breaking up.


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