Five trends at the Los Angeles auto show may change the way we act.


Five trends at the Los Angeles auto show may change the way we act.

It’s not just cars.

The auto show is not only a place for consumers, but also a place for suppliers, managers, journalists, activists, investors and consumers. They are more like conventions. There are 10,000 parts on the car, which means a lot of suppliers.

This year’s Los Angeles auto show has absolutely fantastic cars. The jeep redesigned the wrangler. Volkswagen’s latest foray into electric vehicles appears to be aimed at tesla. Porsche fans scoffed at the idea of plug-in hybrid 911.

All of these cars and concepts are cool, but they don’t introduce game-changing technologies to publicly change the world (the car industry’s ceos are now often bombarded by technology). Walking shows, you’ll find some technology and progress, not necessarily sexy, but changing the way we move around.

Baby, you subscribe to my car.

Economists and sociologists have been talking about consumers starting to like access rather than ownership. The latest car subscription service is the industry’s long-awaited solution to car-sharing services. Book Cadillac costs about $1,600 a month, including insurance and maintenance, and you can get any Cadillac. The book, launched in New York this year, will be launched in Los Angeles and will be launched nationwide.

Volvo has announced its own services for its xc-40, and has a similar service to the struggling Lincoln brand.

“The transformation of Lincoln and Volvo into new car subscriptions reflects a broader shift in sales that we see across the industry,” said Jessica Caldwell and Edmunds. Carmakers “seem more willing to explore new business models”. She says it is an attempt to make their brands stand out and allow more customers to gain more market share.

ICE ICE baby: a new twist in the internal combustion engine.

Like hybrids, all-electric cars are just as cool as other alternative fuel cars, and we still live in a world of gasoline engines. The internal combustion engine is the Rodney Dangerfield of the automobile world (” I don’t respect it!” ), engineers continue to innovate in extraordinary ways.

Karl brauer of cox automotive points out that infiniti qx-50’s new variable compression engine is a sign of flying. “It allows you to get more performance when you need it and save more fuel,” he said.

In addition, Mazda’s new type of combustion engine represents a leap in fuel efficiency. Mr. Brauer said the innovation could keep the internal combustion engine longer. “They keep making electric cars, even hybrid cars look a little better, and then the damn internal combustion engine evolves again,” he said. “Boring” ICE’s constant innovation kept it in the lead in terms of cost and efficiency, “he added.

Build a better map.

As we move toward a world of computer-driven cars, maps and map technology become more important. Google maps, Microsoft and Tom Tom don’t just provide your mobile maps, but auto makers and other industries that need them.

One of the small companies trying to change the mapping space is three words. It creates addresses that are meaningful to both computers and humans.

“Think about how frustrated you were when you called Uber and you spent 10 minutes looking for someone,” says Claire Jones, the company’s chief executive. “Try to find juarez street in Mexico City,” she joked. That’s because there are more than 600 such streets in this city.

The company has divided the world into a grid with trillions of 10-foot squares. Each square has three characters. “Computers want to hear longitude and latitude, people don’t think that way,” Jones said. The purpose of this service is to make it easier to transition to self-driving cars.

My bike: personal transportation.

As a big car company in the future of electric power and self-driving cars, the competition in the personal transportation world is increasingly fierce. Think about everything from skateboards to tricycles. Demand for small personal vehicles is strong. Micro Kickboard, Razor USA, Propella Electric Bikes and folding scooter urb-e are among the exhibitors.

Currently, motorcycles and light motorcycles use gas or diesel, and often have lower fuel economy and higher carbon smoke output, which contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gases. These new power substitutes can help reduce pollution in major cities around the world. These companies are aiming for what is known as a “second commute” – such as the journey from the railway station to the office.

These new cars are now attractive to young people, but they can help provide mobility or facilitate transportation for the elderly and the disabled. Much of the hope of this small industry is that, with the automation of cars, the roads of small cars will become safer.


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