Review: super bowl halftime show, advertising.


Review: super bowl halftime show, advertising.

Super bowl 52 is a great football match. Our TV critics say that halftime shows and commercials are worthy of attention, but not as exciting as the action on the pitch.


Super bowl LII is a great football match, especially if you are an eagle fan. NPR’s Eric Deggans is watching halftime shows and commercials between plays.

(super bowl LII’s voice)

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE :(singing) come on, if you know what’s good…

ERIC DEGGANS, wired: the rumors about Justin’s super bowl halftime performance may be more interesting than what he actually offers. N ‘sync, an old band member of janet Jackson or Timberlake, did not appear. And Timberlake’s singing with the holographic prince is proving to be wrong. Instead, he cast his hit film, purple rain, on a huge piece of paper and filmed a duet, with a pop idol born in Minneapolis.

(super bowl LII’s voice)

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND PRINCE :(singing) I’ll never beat you. I’ll never lie. If you are evil, I will forgive you, goodbye. ‘because of you…

DEGGANS: like Timberlake, the super bowl ads are mostly smooth and not surprising. No big stunts, big political speeches or button-down humor. One of the most popular ads is Morgan freeman and “game of thrones” star Peter dinklage. They are both Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, who provide a simultaneous rap song for Mountain Dew and Doritos.

(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, “look at me now”)

BUSTA RHYMES :(rap) let’s go. Because I feel like I’m running, I feel like I’m leaving, leaving, getting better, knowing that I’m not, and I’m never going to stop, because you know I have to win every day, day. Go.

DEGGANS: the smartest commercials are played together with the expectations of the smart TV audience, which makes viewers think they’re only watching one AD to offer another. The tides, and the “stranger events” actor David harbor as the booth staff, put the best advertisement in the whole game.


David haber :(as a character) yes. Just your typical super bowl AD – or a hilarious beer AD.


HARBOUR :(as a character) but this is a tidal AD.

Unknown actor # 1 :(as a character) what?

HARBOUR :(as a character) this is a tidal AD.

Unknown actor # 2 :(as a character) what makes it a tidal advertisement?

Harbour :(as a character) no stain.

DEGGANS: an AD that generated a lot of buzz online, using Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s speech in the Dodge Ram truck AD.


MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.: if you want approval – great. If you want to be great – wonderful.

DEGGANS: this is a hint to advertisers – don’t let your beloved icon of civil rights look like the pursuit of a product. My favorite commercials are broadcast before big games. MassMutual, an insurance company, offers an AD that lets people do good things for others every day, while singing “I’ll stand by your side” with a song called “I’ll stand by you”.


Unidentified actor :(as a character, singing) I’ll stand with you and I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’ll back you up.

DEGGANS: it’s not bad news for the biggest TV audience when so many people seem to be splitting up. I’m Eric Deggans.

(choir, “I’d like to stand by you”)

Tip :(singing) I’ll stand with you. I will support you and won’t let anyone hurt you. I’ll back you up.


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