West Virginia teachers ended the strike after striking a deal with the governor.



West Virginia teachers ended the strike after striking a deal with the governor.

West Virginia governor Jim Justice announced on Tuesday that teachers would return to work on Thursday and provide pay raises for teachers and school staff.

The shutdown of West Virginia’s public schools will end on Thursday, the leaders of teachers and service workers said after meeting the governor.

The news at a news conference on Tuesday announced that Jim justice announced this year all state employees a 3% pay rise this year, including teachers and staff, education workers have increased by 2%. However, it is not clear whether the leaders of the house and senate will agree to the deal.

“I spoke to the speaker of the senate and the speaker of the house, and I was very hopeful,” the judge said. “I think they should talk fairly and let us give them time.”

The governor soon left the press conference to coach a high school girls basketball team in a race.

American federation of teachers, West Virginia, West Virginia and West Virginia school education association staff association leaders said on Wednesday, before the teachers and staff returned to the classroom, it would be a “cooling-off period”.

They expressed optimism that the deal with the governor would be a reality, but the possibility of another strike.

“We reserve this right – we may have to call on our staff again,” said WVEA President dale lee, noting that the legislature still needs to raise wages to meet demand.

The justice department has proposed an increase in revenue of $58 million over the next fiscal year to cover salaries. He cited growth in projected revenue, in part because of President trump’s tax plan passed earlier this year. Data released earlier this month showed that the state’s general income fund earned $28.2 million, or 6.7 percent, in January, down from its estimate for the month. For more than seven months this fiscal year, the state is 1% lower than the original estimate.

Senate President mitch McConnell said his chamber would look carefully at the financial environment before agreeing to a pay rise, “while respecting and providing all the raises that public employees and teachers can get.”

Mr Carmichael also said the reaction to the union’s demands could have a big impact on the deal.

“It feels like we might be reacting to stress, not managing our country’s fiscal affairs properly,” he said.

On behalf of the speaker of the house of representatives, said Tim arms ted to the governor’s proposed teachers, staff and all other countries workers salary growth is optimistic, the reason is that the federal government tax cuts to revival of state-owned economy.

Work pauses include requiring long-term health insurance plans for public employees. On this issue, the justice department said he agreed to set up a team to study the solution.

The plan’s finance committee agreed last week to freeze the proposed changes to the plan, calling for increased premiums, deductibles and actual payments by July 2019. Short-term and long-term fixes to insurance plans have yet to be finalized.


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