Review: Hulu appears in the upcoming tower


Review: Hulu appears in the upcoming tower

Hulu offers a Pulitzer prize-winning non-fiction book about the rise of al qaeda and the script mini-series that led to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


In the late 1990s, American intelligence agencies were seeking to neutralize a terrorist named osama bin laden and his group, al qaeda. “The Looming Tower”, a new series from Hulu, dramatizes The struggle. Its first three episodes aired today, NPR’s Eric Deggans said, aware of how it all adds to the tension.

ERIC DEGGANS, wired: “The Looming Tower” manages one of The trickiest areas of television. Even if you already know who did it, this is a unit that can make you riveted.

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DEGGANS: the first episode describes al qaeda’s bombing of the U.S. embassy in Nairobi in 1998. It happened several years before the 9/11 attacks, which would have made bin laden and al qaeda a symbol of international infamy. Still, knowing what they will eventually do will add more weight to each moment of the upcoming tower. Jeff daniels is the charm of John o ‘neill, the flamboyant head of the New York federal bureau of investigation’s anti-terrorist team. He was dismayed by the lack of cooperation between the central intelligence agency and his own bureau on the lack of concern about terrorist threats in the Middle East.


John O ‘neill: we’re going to start playing our role here and abroad. Let me ask you something. How many Arabic speakers do we have at the bureau?

Taharrakhm :(ali su fan) eight.

Daniel :(like John o ‘neill) eight. thank you Eight Arabic speakers from more than 10,000 agents. This is how our government takes this threat seriously.

DEGGANS: Peter Sarsgaard and Martin schmidt, the director of the cia’s al qaeda unit, are equally striking. Schmidt repeatedly urged his boss to freeze o ‘neal and the fbi because he believed they would Sue.


PETER SARSGAARD :(as Martin Schmidt) you know what o ‘neill does. He would arrest the first suspects he met and had the chance to flip them so that we could move along the command system.

Unidentified actor :(as a character) maybe.

SARSGAARD :(like Martin Schmidt) no, that would be. Then we end up with a bunch of low-level regulatory powers, and al qaeda’s leaders are moving happily.

DEGGANS: when they met with schmidt’s proposal to bomb 10 al-qaeda camps and hope to kill bin laden, you would hear a clash between two strategies to combat terrorism.


SARSGAARD :(as Martin Schmidt) I have a very good idea. I propose – eliminate al qaeda leaders.

Daniel :(just as John o ‘neill) through carpet bombing Afghanistan, I want to remind you that it won’t attack us. That’s what al qaeda wants us to do – overreact and kill innocent muslims.

SARSGAARD :(just like Martin schmidt) okay, hit the head, the snake is dead.

Daniel :(like John o ‘neill) who are you, a gypsy reading wealth? We’re talking about national security. You become a martyr to UBL, and the recruitment of al qaeda will be through the roof. Find him, arrest him, put him on trial, and then go to jail. Treat him like a criminal, not a hero.

SARSGAARD :(just like Martin Schmidt) we are in a state of war.

Daniel :(like John o ‘neill) only when we choose to be.

DEGGANS: it’s a strict TV show. The “coming tower” was written in the 2006 Pulitzer prize-winning work of the same name. Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker alex gibney has studied the dramatic material, directed several episodes, and acted as executive producer for the entire 10-episode series. The result, like a documentary, is to feel the movement and to interweave the actual news footage with the recurring moments. It switches between the internal struggles of American intelligence agencies, the organization of al qaeda and the personal lives of its main characters. The audience has not only learned the lessons of how al qaeda has built its resources, but it has also received front-row seats for dysfunction and squabbling among us officials, putting the country at risk. This is a painful history lesson, cleverly delivered, when we ‘

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