The ‘Atlanta’ return of Donald DE glover ‘


The ‘Atlanta’ return of Donald DE glover ‘

Donald deglover’s award-winning show returns to FX’s title to suggest its story – the “Atlanta robin” season. Because, as one character points out, “everyone has to eat” and based on the trailer, it looks like some looting will continue.


About two years ago, actor/writer/musician Donald DE glover upended the television world with his ambitious drama “Atlanta.” The second season of the show premiered tonight on FX, and NPR’s Eric Deggans said it lifted Glover’s ambitions to a new level. Be warned – there are some rough language in the story.

ERIC DEGGANS: how does it feel to be a young black man in America? Consider Donald DE glover’s role in “Atlanta,” earning Max, an untargeted Princeton dropout who falls on a questionable friend’s couch. Even if he had some money – hundreds of dollars in bills, specifically – he couldn’t spend it. First at the cinema…

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

DONALD GLOVER :(as a trademark) yes. Can I get two tickets for “fast and furious”?

I’m sorry, but I can’t afford that big bill.

DEGGANS:…… Then in a hookah, the owner believes the bill is false.

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

GLOVER :(as a trade mark) no, just another hundred to compare it.

Unknown actor # 1: there aren’t hundreds of other people in the bar.

GLOVER :(as a trade mark) then do you have a pen that you can mark?

Unknown actor # 1 :(as a character) of course not.

DEGGANS: when the kicker came to the bar, a security guard spoke to him and he was kicking him.

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

Unknown actor # 2 :(as a character) hey, we all know that the bill is real, but the owner tripped. Sorry about that.

Unidentified lawsuit # 2 :(as a character) this is definitely racist.

DEGGANS: the game ends at a strip club where the fee is 20 percent for change. As Chris rock once said, black americans often feel like 50 cents short. From white ticket sellers to black club owners, racism comes from all over the world. This is the atmosphere of the second season of Atlanta, and most of the humor is rooted in the surreal insults the characters endure. Grover pulls you into the experience and treats you at the same time. The subtitle of this year’s show is “Robbin’Season,” which occurred near the end of the year. When two guards cleared the scene of the crime, they won an eccentric friend, darius, summing up.

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

Rajasthan: [darius] for the rebound season. Christmas is near, everyone has to eat.

GLOVER :(to earn a trademark) or be eaten.

DEGGANS: Donald Glover’s Earn Marks is responsible for managing his cousin Alfred, the new singer Paper Boi played by Brian Tyree Henry. Paper Boi is making a comeback at the wrong end of the looting season, as the long drug trade was mugged in his car deal. When Paper Boi tried to open the back door of the car, he could not do so because the door’s child lock was still in use.

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

BRIAN TYREE HENRY :(Paper Boi) child lock, man.

Unknown actor # 3 :(as a character) I found you.

Henry :(like a paper bowie) child lock. All right, you — come on. -got it. B: I see. I will – I see. Why would you lock me in the child – oh, my god. That’s the window, man.

DEGGANS: “Atlanta” season 2’s most intense humor comes from the success of grace and paper, but the world won’t let them down. Feeling like Glover’s real life attitude, he often shows that he can’t or won’t enjoy the accolades and rewards of the first season of 2016. The best moment of the show tonight is when Earn faces his uncle Willie, permanently playing – comedian carter Williams. Willie insulted his dependence on paper.

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

Carter Williams :(as uncle Willie) you’re afraid. Because he is a rich man, you must be in good condition now. Family is business.

GLOVER :(as a winning trademark) no, that’s not. I’m afraid of you. You know, everyone knows people who are smart, but they end up being the ones who only know what’s happening to him.

DEGGANS: Willie came back with some advice for Earn. It sounds a bit like what Williams himself might have provided about his mistakes in real life.

(voice of a TV show, “Atlanta.”)

Williams :(like uncle Willie) if you don’t want me to end up like this, then get rid of that chip on your shoulder. It’s not worth the time.

DEGGANS: the potential for confusion has filled every scene with hope, making this season’s “Atlanta” another masterpiece. I’m Eric Deggans.



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