The death toll from a pedestrian bridge in miami-dade county has risen to six.


The death toll from a pedestrian bridge in miami-dade county has risen to six.
It was updated at 8 a.m. Eastern time on Friday.
The death toll from the collapse of a new footbridge at Florida international university has risen to six, as crews are clearing debris and debris from miami-dade county.
In the latest news of the accident Friday morning, police in miami-dade said 10 people had been taken to the regional hospital in addition to six people who died on the scene.
The 950 ton footbridge, which is being built on the edge of the Florida international university campus, collapsed on a major road Thursday afternoon, causing the driver and passengers to sink.
“We have multiple victims,” miami-dade county deputy mayor Maurice kemp said at a news conference Thursday afternoon. “the Numbers are not yet certain.”
Initially, authorities said four bodies had been recovered, but later, the Miami dade police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said the bodies had been removed from the wreckage.
“They are still working hard,” Mr. Zabaleta said at a news conference on Friday.
“Engineers told us last night and had to be done very carefully, not only because we must save evidence, not only because it may be possible to victims, and we must treat it as very subtle, but because of rescue workers,” he said.
Video footage showed the bridge collapsing on a multi-lane highway, crushing vehicles under it, and several people were loaded into ambulances.
Officials say more than 100 rescue workers are using heavy equipment, search dogs and cranes.
Officials are asking the public to avoid the “indefinite” area and to direct those concerned about their families to the family reunion center at the FIU campus.
In a news conference on Thursday night, financial intelligence organization President mark rosenberg, recalls his college community has just celebrated the bridge erecting a milestone in the weekend, the project was first started in 2010.
“The bridge is about collaboration, it’s about hope, about opportunity, about determination,” he said. Now we feel unmatched sadness, uncontrollable sadness. “
“All we can do is commit to a very thorough investigation – an in-depth investigation,” rosenberg said. “And mourn the loss of those we have lost.”
The Figg bridge engineer designed the bridge and said in a statement that it was “shocked by today’s tragic collapse” and would cooperate fully with the investigation.
“It has never happened before in our 40-year history,” the statement said.
The WLRN member station reported: “Mr. Fogg was fined in 2012 when the Jordan bridge in south Norfolk, va., collapsed. According to the Virginia pilot, the state issued four fines of $7,000, including violations such as the replacement of trusses to unperformed inspections.
People and vehicles descend on a construction pedestrian bridge near Miami Florida international university in Florida on Thursday.
The MCM construction company is building a Florida bridge and has issued a statement expressing concern about the collapse and pointing out the loss of life.
Witnesses told WLRN about 1:30 p.m., with no warning of any drop in the structure, as traffic lights turned red and concrete fell on parked cars. Other motorists rushed out of the car for help.
The main span of the bridge is installed on Saturday. The bridge will not open until early next year, ap reported.
It aims to improve the safety of students, crossing a section of Tamiami Trail, the 41st highway in the United States, to help people cross the campus to the city of sweetwater, where thousands of students live.
The university is currently on spring break.
The national transportation safety board said it would send a “team” to investigate the incident.
On Tuesday, FIU posted a tweet on the new footbridge.
At Tuesday’s press conference, the university touted installation “first pedestrian bridge” quickly, the Associated Press, explains the center allows its “prefabricated, then swing before the central support tower built in place”.
“The 174 feet 950 tons of the bridge were built in part by the accelerated bridge construction (abc-utc) approach at the university of California’s transportation center (abc-utc), which was built around southwest eighth street. Construction reduces the potential risk to workers, passengers and pedestrians, and minimizes traffic disruption. The main span of fiu-sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge is installed within a few hours, with limited impact on traffic this weekend. ”
On Tuesday, a now-deleted tweet from FIU showed photos of the bridge.
In Tuesday’s conference, the university added: “FIU – Sweetwater UniversityCity bridge is the history of the largest by self-propelled modular transport and handling of pedestrian bridge, is the world’s first fully built by self-cleaning concrete pedestrian bridge. Exposed to sunlight, titanium dioxide in concrete captures pollutants and turns them bright white, reducing maintenance costs. ”
White House press secretary salah kabir said the President was aware of the bridge collapse and would continue to monitor the situation.


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