Iron man, belt: ‘action comics # 1000’ and the return of super accessories.


Buckle Up: the cover of Action Comics# 1000 made by Jim Lee (pencil), Scott Williams (ink) and Alex Sinclair (coloring).
This has nothing to do with numbering.
This week, you’ll hear a lot about the release milestone that DC Comics’Action Comics has already implemented, including issue # 1000, which is released today on the shelf (physical and digital). I’m not going to dismiss that achievement, trust me. It is 2018, and it is published regularly, much like the iron man in the penultimate panel of the 1992 “superman death” story: the bloody pulp and the death door.
(the metaphor in its theoretical market development which can prove the story plot to save krypton regeneration implicated equivalent theory of the matrix has been arrested before, I don’t know how to change their comic publishing company need, figuratively speaking, of becoming an electron, a clone, an alien and a sledge hammer equipment and technology of armor man, because this is the third paragraph, I don’t want to lose the mage, sometimes to buy me a bottle of beer, curious).
Mathematically inclined people may have predicted that we need to photograph a healthy asterisk or two – maybe a spoonful of salt, and we’re studying – on that 1000 Numbers. If superman has been around for 80 years, then his monthly comic book, if it keeps coming out, should only be around # 960. What gives?
The action comic, which debuted on April 18, 1938, is an anthology, like any manga comic. Unlike other people, however, it is not a reprint from an interesting page, but a clamour of 11 new characters and features. There is a single-page machine called Stardust, Hollywood gossip, Marco Polo’s history course, and some even the yarn of men with square jawbones such as Scoop Scanlon, Pep Morgan, and Sticky-Mitts Stimson.
Strange, also the most visual impact. It is characterized by a strong man wearing fancy circus – strong jumped a lot of clothes, beating a wife beater surrender, a killer to justice (literally – tie him up and carried her on the shoulder), and built a car in his car from some rogue “provocative” save a female reporter.
However, it took some time for publishers to realize that superman was the main painting of the book. It wasn’t until the question # 19 that he was locked in a fixed position. Action is still a collection of years, although as the number of backup functions steadily increases, the superhuman content expands. Through action 262 (March 1960), there are only two stories per month. It’s worth noting that until the question # 500 (October 1979) superman finally took over every problem.
Or at least, for a while. Fourteen years later, after action comics # 583 (September 1986), DC restarted their superhero world, and superman rebooted with it. When it resumed publishing four months later, it retained the old number, but turned itself into a title and saw iron man working with other heroes.
This is where things get weird.
Weekly questions, erasing tablets and other oddities.
By issue # 601 (May 1988), Action Comics became Action Comics Weekly, which is a 48-page selection series, where superman has a regular two-page appearance. But just a year later, with the end of Action comics643 (July 1989), superman once again took over the book and began anew every month.
In any case, things remained relatively stable for superhero comics – until 2011, when DC comics decided to reboot its other universe, The New 52. This time, however, they are wiped clean in comics and comics – all titles are re-started and renumbered. Action Comics# 904 was released in October 2011, and the next issue in November 2011 is Action Comics# 1 (volume 2).
The “new 52” initiative, neat enough, 52 points, until, in still another yuan novel scheduling, pre – 52 DC universe, with the former 52 superman, returns, use the serial number of the old system, in action comics # 957 (August 2016). Since then, Action Comics has been released every two months.
There are more (even more), I don’t care – every problem, problem # 0 (it doesn’t matter), 4 an oversized reprint problem and so on – but this is a takeaway: cover the nice round # 1000 number hidden in 80 years of history with a large number of logistics.
But, again, this has nothing to do with numbering.
So, is this the red box?
No, it’s not the red trunk.
Not at all. I mean, look, they’re coming back feeling great, like today’s Action Comics# 1000. Since 2011, the artist Lee (Jim Lee) launched a new super clothing – a set of flexible krypton armor, and lack of the role of trademark, deriding, underwear coat red shorts.
Lose them? In the interview, li mentioned that they are not in line with the current super fashions. They look old-fashioned, out of date and dramatic. To be fair, of course they did.
Without them, however, superman spent the past seven years looking like an Olympic speed skater with a special steroids.
Competitive? Of course. But it’s all wrong for the characters.
Superman’s original design was to evoke the marvel of the circus in the late 1930s. The children saw his tight clothes and the acrobats who were flying in the air – like him – and the strong men who lifted the huge weight – like him. Those extra trunks are crucial to capturing the sensation of a big top, where the everyday world is replaced by a wonderful feat, and it looks spectacular.
It doesn’t look dated. It’s timeless. Therefore, only fit (snerk), these trunk lines go back to where they belong. But they are not the real reason to celebrate.
The real reason to celebrate.
This is a belt, kids. A yellow belt. It’s always about the yellow belt.
It’s back, and it makes sense: if the tree is back, you need something to keep them, right? But, of course, the yellow belt is always a more important, more important purpose.
What we get is, let’s talk about how stupid he looks, without it.
Lee’s super suit 2011 redesign – by some known as (well: I) oh Apollo – watch – lost his shorts, but retain the belt, put it in the process of red, change the classic oval buckles S shield to echo his chest.
(here, it looks back at superman’s return in 2006, with brandon routh’s iron man with a yellow belt (yay!). And a huge s-shield button (superfluous!) ).
The 2013 film “iron man” completely abandoned the belt, but, for no apparent reason, kept the button: it was a little… Floating there, in the stormy blue ocean, ripples just above the groin of Henry cavill, searching for all the world as a button to beg. I always wanted to reach out and press it, and when I did, he looked forward to him giggling, like a steroid blue Poppin’Fresh.
In the comics, the belt has been a thin, painless red belt in the past few years, highlighted with a yellow S shield button.
(I S – shields belt buckle opposition is simple: it is very picky, insist on yourself, this guy has been on his huge chest wearing a giant S shield, it’s not like we will forget who he is, should be our eyes happened to be in his torso hovering below a few inches (” oh, that’s right! He’s superman! Right! Got it! We are not goldfish.
No, that’s why the return of the yellow belt is so important. This is its real, important, and enduring goal:
It pops up.
Cartoon is a visual medium, where images and words are combined to produce instantaneous visceral effects in the brain. When it comes to superhero comics, their appeal is primarily visual, followed by text. The superhero is bold, simple, iconic color and line creation; They are the embodiment of fashion in a very real sense.
The most important thing is superman: he is a character with major colors and main colors. Batman, the shadow creature, is about his silhouette – the ears, the rolling cape.
Superman is about his color scheme – bright, friendly, familiar. Purely as a manual blend of design elements, he was able to hit our retina with three discrete but cohesive hits from the color wheel: the blue of his suit. His cloak was red (and his boots, and his box). And yellow on his belt.
The golden horizontal bolt is the key: it breaks down his appearance and picks up the yellow from his S shield. Pass it through those (classical, dramatic) red belt loops – one on each side of the elliptic buckle, completely equidistant – and fuse the whole outfit together.
It meets.
So yes: congratulations on the Action Comics behind the people touched 1000 questions (also admitted the number behind the nuances of the, and last week the British weekly AD 2000 comic question # 2076, and Japan’s weekly Shonen Jump has been strong growth since 1968). And welcome the return of red shorts, their three-ring five glory.
But if you don’t take a moment to welcome superman’s yellow belt – tomorrow’s star of tomorrow – the false start of an extension of the phantom phantom zone.


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