Watch: Toronto police praise the standoff between restraint and suspicion.


Police examined a van that crashed in Toronto on Monday, killing at least 10 people.
In court on Monday morning, the court last week morning there was a white van rental truck, then he is suspected of killing at least 10 people, and charged with 13 10 counts of murder and attempted murder charges.
And the Toronto police arrested Alek Minassian, who repeatedly shouted that he wanted the officer to shoot during a tense standoff, and his restraint was widely praised. The CBC said the officer had been identified as constable.
According to the bystanders’ video, the suspect stood next to the battered white van and drew what appeared to be a weapon (according to the Toronto star, the police later said he had no weapons).
The officer was pointing at his gun. “Come down! Lin was heard to say. “Kill me! The suspect said he claimed he had a gun in his pocket. “I don’t care, put it down! The official replied. “Put it down or you’ll be shot.”
The suspect said: “shoot me in the head.” The official continued to urge him to step down. Seconds later, the video showed the local suspect, who was handcuffed. Lin didn’t shoot.
The star reported that Mike McCormack, President of the Toronto police association, said he believed the officials had prevented further massacres.
“He was shocked and shocked by the whole thing, and he said, ‘you know, I’m just doing my job,'” McCormack said. “He met a man who had the same weapons as him, threatened the officer’s life, tried to get the officer to shoot him, and arrested the man.”
Canada’s minister of public security and emergency preparedness Ralph eidur gudjohnsen Lyle said on twitter, he thanked the @ TorontoPolice and other first responders who brave and professional response to the terrible attacks on Yonge and Finch, “attack of the street.
Celebrity columnist rosidi manny described the official as “very creative”.
“All fingerprints taken by the police,” she wrote. “But the officer did not shoot. The suspect fell to his knees and put his arm in the air.”
“On the day of many heroes, the brave policeman was at the top of the list, with many first responders, medical staff and hospital resources reaching their limits,” he added.
The Canadian broadcasting corporation reported that the incident “stands in sharp contrast to the other police strikes in Toronto and has not ended peacefully.” Here are more:
“The Toronto police department was widely criticized for its handling of the Sammy Yatim case in 2013, which led to Const. James Cameron was convicted of attempted murder for the murder of an 18-year-old man. He appealed to prison for six years. …

“Members of the Toronto police station in February, passed a motion to several hundreds of pieces of transmitting energy weapons on duty officers (CEWs) or taser (Tasers), a move to help the police to achieve goals in relation to the interaction between the public and the police, zero mortality.
“Part of the approved motion also requires TPS to review other USES of force and to collect public and affected groups’ opinions.”
Although police told reporters yesterday they believed the rampage was deliberate, the motive for Monday’s van attack was unclear. According to the CBC, prime minister Justin trudeau said on Tuesday there was no evidence of “national security factors”.


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