Mazda racetrack laguna seca will no longer be called Mazda racetrack laguna seca, now only laguna seca


Mazda Lagunaska’s breaking news: Starting on April 1, 2018, Mazda Lagunska will no longer be called Mazda Lagunska. According to Autoweek, Mazda is a sponsor of Mazda Racecourse Laguna Seca. After 17 years of cooperation with Mazda Racetrack Laguna Seca, Mazda will cease cooperation.

For fans of Mazda Motorsport Lagunasca, this lengthy name is often shortened to “Lagunaska.” For racing reporters and car writers, this is not easy. Every time we talk about the Mazda Circuit Lagunasca, we are all required to write the full name of “Mazda Circuit Lagunaska.” This is a small question – “Mazda Racecourse Laguna Seca” has eaten 25 characters in the title, tweet or photo title. Every time you mention Mazda Racetrack, saying “Mazda Lagunuca” will surely leave you out of breath if you are talking about Mazda Racecourse Lagunasca in the conversation. “Mazda Racecourse Lagunasca” people.

In spite of this, Mazda Racecourse Laguna Seca has always been one of our favorite circuits. In the picture above, in 2014, our buddy Sam Smith competed in the Mazda Racetrack Laguna Saca and BMW 2002ti. Sam likes Mazda Racing Road Lagunasca, even if he doesn’t like to call Mazda Racing Road Lagunaska every time he writes Mazda Racing Road Lagunasca.

Sam and all of us can rest easily. Mazda said in a statement: “Mazda has been a 17-year sponsor of the Mazda Laguna Sai Trucking Team’s naming rights. Mazda chose to end the naming rights agreement with the Mazda team.” “We will continue to participate in key weekend events.” Because the car is part of our DNA.” Mazda, the relationship between the Sports Car Racing Association of Monterey Peninsula and Monterrey County is very good, this decision is not easy to make. We want facilities, management teams, and millions of fans who love the track, just like we do more successful cars in the future.

So, for the fans of Mazda Racing Road Laguna Seka, the good news is: starting in April, you no longer have to say “Mazda Mazda Racing Road Laguna Seka”.


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