Mitsubishi’s next plug-in may be CUV, by 2020


After years of delays, mitsubishi has finally launched its first plug-in hybrid in the United States. The second edition will follow European and Japanese models for five years. But amateurs will not be the last, and certainly not the last.
Samsung motors North America, executive vice President and chief operating officer Don Swearingen at this week’s Eclipse monica Cross CUV conference said that although the outlander PHEV into the global market will take a long time, but the company from the plug-in movement will be faster, in Eclipse Cross may be the next event of mitsubishi electric is prompt. The details remain vague, but Swearingen said we should not expect the new mitsubishi PHEV in at least two years.
For years, mitsubishi has teamed up with plug-in hybrids through a series of auto shows. The all-electric 2015 eX concept car should be a central console with two portable batteries built in, which can be used outside to support a positive lifestyle and emphasize the driver’s zero emissions in the future. While the gt-phev concept emphasizes off-road performance in 2016, the concept of electronic evolution at this year’s Tokyo motor show is a “very high-performance vehicle” in the “low-air aerodynamic SUV shape.”
Mitsubishi alliance with nissan in the second half of 2015 (Japan’s mitsubishi company bought a 34% stake in the company) as part of the resources, mitsubishi has more capital and talent, make the vision a reality. In September, Carlos Ghosn, the alliance’s chairman and chief executive, said the combined company would launch 12 new electric cars by 2022.
Nissan and Renault are likely to push ahead with plans for all-electric cars, while mitsubishi will take the PHEV route, Swearingen said. He says all three of the three plug-in models can share the platform.


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