My first drive in Switzerland


My first drive in Switzerland

Through minus 5 degrees, the wheels, the town, I’ve never been to a tram, a new sign, a privilege, no street map, no local passengers, no leads! Of course nothing else can go wrong Is that all right?

It was fun driving in Basel for the first time. It was December, blowing across Siberia from a biss. My master asked me to bring me into town from the dry air of my sinuses. I could borrow her car, so I could explore.

My main concern is that I might use a window switch. What did I do at the first crossing? Replace the gear with the open window. Oh dear! You have to remember, turn left, right hand gear.

“Preferential; Make way! That tram will turn right in front of us! “Suddenly, my local guide shouted. When she foresaw that I was about to collide with no one. There was a terrible panic in her voice in the two cars in front of me. “How do you know it’s going to be there? “He didn’t say “Experience. “You’ll soon learn.” I didn’t realize how steep my learning curve was.

My guide told me when to make way, when the right car had to stop, and my confidence began to grow. The sun was full of cars – dazzling me at a pretty big intersection. I stopped to accept my direction.

don’t stop! You’ll never stop at Aeschenplatz – keep driving, because if the trolley doesn’t find you, the car will. Be careful. There is a policeman over there. “

I looked at it, but I didn’t see anything meaningful. “Look here! That man has a big gun! Is he a policeman? “I asked innocently. “No, he just went to the army. You must make way for him, even if he has only one foot, and must stop at the crosswalk. ”

I couldn’t get out of his way when I saw his assault rifle. He looks very friendly, but you can’t be too careful with assault rifles. They may also have some bullets

When I stopped, the police came out of the background and started waving to me. To drink! “He wants you to go together, but beware of the trams – they come from all corners. Oh, put the car on the right and the pedestrian on the left will pass it in a minute. Look at your bike! ”

How people manage, I think. No wonder they call it a “grey” box – it has to be named after the driver’s grey face who passes by! The police hid the gun while I was staggering.

A little farther away, it’s time to keep my guests at their destination. “How can I come back? “I asked nervously. “No problem. Go that way and turn right She covered her shoulders and disappeared into the strange street.

Alone, I realized that dusk had come. My breath began to condense inside the glass, and the cold air in the window burst out, bringing my confidence to a swift end.

I really don’t know where I am, but I’m happy to find out. I noticed this even at the traffic lights, so no two traffic streams could collide. So, mostly.

B: well… I want an Irish bar. You must check later! As the darkness deepened, I continued to drive. I didn’t know how to turn on the fan heater, so my breathing began to stabilize on the windshield. As darkness fell, the outside of the glass began to freeze. I foolishly tried to clean it with a windshield cleaner. Slowly a thin layer of ice began to form Like I drive past the theater on the left and the theater on the right.

I couldn’t see the corner turning, but everyone at the station waved to me and turned right. Both of them are helping me. Good place, Basel, I think! I couldn’t see where I was, but I knew I was on the trolley line. The road here is narrow, so I’m glad there aren’t any other cars behind me.

When the trolley came around the bend in front of me, a car passed me, and I thought the road I was passing might not be specifically for cars I stopped the engine.

I can hear the bell – isn’t it good to hear Christmas in a strange place? Until they add another clock from the right side of the mountain. I’m trying to be a trolley sandwich “Where is this car? What is it? I broke the window again and breathed the thin air.

When I was cycling on the right hill, I cut off some poor Swiss drivers who didn’t travel in the middle of the station like me, and I noticed how polite the Swiss were. I was excited even when the cyclist passed me on my way up the mountain. “Turn left, turn right! When I frantically chasing me, I repeat, tighten the engine, the Mercedes car engine nervously sitting behind me, his headlights have filled my car completely lit, er, help.

I went back to the main road. I knew I hadn’t gone far, like the medieval gates I had seen before. But where does that turn?

I was crazy on a small street, away from the inner ring road racing. Wrong alley. The tower has it again. At least I know I haven’t lost I’ve seen it before. In the past, I ran across the crossroads. It doesn’t look like Aeschenplatz, but when I think of the mantra “you’ll never stay in Aeschenplatz,” I think I’d better not take the opportunity to speed things up.

I must turn right. But which is right? I turned around, but I went back to the tower, my friend Spalentor. I’ve driven the tower twice. After a while, I returned to the place where my master had left me, only ten minutes, until their work was finished. I stopped. I’ve been waiting. My cell phone rang. “Hey, can you pick me up? Do you have any questions?


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