“Chef and slow cooker” : an old technology associated with it.


“Cooks and slow stews” : old techniques associated with it.

Hugh acheson’s new book, “cooks and slow stews”, does not show much cooking. Instead, it shows a top chef reading on a lawn chair, taking a hot bath or playing a cello (though he admits that “like rock ‘n’ roll, he prefers music”). It’s about what you can do when you’re doing something else – even if it takes hours.

That’s because the famous canadian-born chef from the south is making a great difficulty with cooking tools in a kitchen pan. Acheson’s book contains 100 new recipes, including some old foods such as side beef and pork shoulder, as well as new things such as poached eggs, ramen broth and even jam and preserves.

Acheson spoke with weekend host Scott Simon about his latest career.

The interview was edited long and clearly.

Slow cooker is an old technique. Is it time?

Collect dust in your closet for years. Most people have one. They cooked a pan and set it aside. But simple technology is actually the gateway to cooking again from scratch, and I think that’s the biggest obstacle in our family — getting people to cook from scratch, eat well, and indulge in delicious food.

What does a slow cooker do? There’s a pot on the stove?

The pan on the stove is very good, but I want to keep the house in good condition. Don’t burn it. The slow cooker is reassuring. They are not very expensive, usually with low and high Settings and coverage. It’s like a stew, but in a safe environment.

Isn’t that just confusion?

No, you have more control. Over the last 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about food, so we’ve done a lot about technology and keeping it fresh. It’s not necessarily a slow stew. It’s really about making a book: meditating and making sure it’s fresh, it’s all about tasting all these aspects of the local cuisine, and we can take the pan and make it real.

Does the book contain recipes from all over the world?

Yes, I think our taste has changed from a love of mainland food to a love of the world today. Our taste is really amazing because of the excitement, the taste and the different emotions. Even in the simplest casserole dish, you can add something very prosperous to the end of fermented peppers and chickpeas – something that shows the world.

Tell me about the chicken captain’s recipe

“Captain of the chicken” really shows true southern ancestry. Food from the south was carried into the pockets of the slaves. It’s brought here in a crazy, painful way. But Charleston and spice ports on the prairie have a lot of influence. Really, it’s a good chicken curry, really showing the diversity of spices, madras and ports. This is an important port in the south, and with the influence of west African cuisine and west Indian cuisine, it’s a timeless recipe.

So you have a FIG tree, you’re making jam in a slow cooker?

Athens, Georgia, is like a remarkable FIG climate. I planted a small tree a few years ago and didn’t really think about it. Now it’s the magic producer for the big MAC. So we have to find them. A slow cooker is a good jam. The worst thing about jam is that it takes a lot of time to clean up the fruit, put them together in a pot, and then burn them at the bottom because they are hot and too hot to burn. This slow cooker is really great.

If you are going to buy a slow cooker, what should you look for?

I really like a simple one. The saucepan is very important, so I’m looking for a very heavy, very good heat distribution. One of the thin aluminum doesn’t do much. So you just want something heavy, usually porcelain or enamel, that’s good work.

How about all the free time you get with the slow cooker?

I want you to cook from scratch and then sit on the table and share what you create with what you like. I want you to realize every day that those are the best moments of your life. I don’t think anyone would say, “yes, I have too much.


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