Bobby movement


Bobbi sports, common fitness exercises. Burpee (Poppy) is one of the high-intensity, short-lived fat, heart-beating self-weight resistance movements called push-ups.

Sports introduction editor

Burpee combines Squat, push-ups and jumps to increase your heart rate to near maximum in a short time.

Motion function

Burpee can train more than 70% of the body’s muscles, including core muscles, feet, arms, abdomen, buttocks and back. In addition to muscle endurance, flexibility and activity training, Burpee is also very helpful in cardiovascular fitness training.

Known as one of the most effective and best body sports, Burpee is often listed as one of the fat burning and weight loss exercise classes. It requires a small amount of space to reach full body sweat in a short period of time. Burpee is very similar to our push-ups and is a common body exercise that is common in strength and aerobic training programs.

Practice sheet

For those with a sports background, you can run for an hour without stress, but can you keep up with five rounds of Burpees without breathing? If you can. You can speed up the rhythm and shorten the interval. Then link other training actions to complete the intensive training
Burpee can be used as an independent training menu or paired with other actions, usually in a variety of ways.

For every N Burpee cycles, rest for M seconds and repeat C cycles for one cycle. For example, every five times Burpee is run, rest for 30 seconds and continue for 15 cycles.

In N seconds, do the most Burpee, rest for M seconds, and repeat C cycles for one cycle. For example, at 45 seconds, do the largest Burpee, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat 15 cycles.
Do Burpee without a break until you can’t do it anymore.

Without a break, continue to do Burpee until you reach 100.


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