Exercise unicorn arm a pair of dumbbells exercise big biceps


When someone asks if you h ave muscles,I believe your first choice is to pick up your cuffs and show off your biceps. Because the hand is part of our daily activities, whether you have exercise or not, your biceps will become more prominent as you bend over. But how can I make him big and hard? This is what we need to exercise regularly.



Today, Xiao Yan mainly introduces the training methods of biceps. It will recommend 4 simple moves, and you can easily practice biceps and a pair of dumbbells.

The biceps are also the main muscle groups# of the human body. Although it is training, it cannot be trained every day. It is recommended to train twice a week. In your training program, you can arrange two days to train your biceps. 20 minutes. Pay attention to hi sports fitness weChat (hiydjs), reply “arm” or “two heads”, the system will recommend the scientific Kirin arm training program.

Here are 4 actions recommended for everyone, to help everyone train, each group exercises 4 groups, each group 10 times, insist, come on.

An action

Action 2

Action three

Action four



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