Healthy little things you must know in life


Washing your feet with cold water is bad for your health. At the very end of the branch of the foot vessel, the temperature in the normal state is the lowest part of the body temperature. The feet are often washed with cold water, which is prone to cold and cold, and the conduction of blood vessels easily causes a series of complicated pathological reactions. Eventually lead to disease.



This mobile phone movie is even more compelling. Under normal circumstances, the backlight of the phone itself is very low, and an extra protective film can cause long-term vision to form or aggravate myopia.


Eating too much salt can easily cause blood pressure to rise. Increased intake of sodium (salt) in the diet can lead to excessive sodium in the body, and the retention of sodium ions will inevitably lead to the retention of water. The retention of water will increase the amount of extracellular fluid and increase blood pressure. High blood pressure must eat less salt, the diet is lighter and more reasonable


Playing table tennis can alleviate visual fatigue and prevent myopia. The speed of table tennis is very fast. In order to make an accurate judgment, most of the information of the ball is obtained through the eyes. In this way, the eyeball has been in high-speed motion and is quickly fed back by the brain. Enhances blood circulation, improves ocular nerve function, and eliminates or reduces eye strain.


Deep legs are bad for your health. When the legs are picked up, the body is generally in a forward leaning position. Lumbar muscle strain is caused by uneven force on the lumbar muscles. The back of the pelvis and hip joints suffer from back pain, and bone damage or muscle strain may occur over time.


Chewing food is good for the brain. Dry chewing has brain function, which can increase the information transmission of brain cells and prevent brain aging.



The sun should not be beaten. Because cotton fibers are thick and short, they are easily broken. When the quilt is broken, it becomes “cotton dust” and the quilt becomes thinner and thinner.



It is not wise to drink yogurt on an empty stomach. Suitable for lactic acid bacteria growth, pH 5.4 or below. When the stomach is fast, the human stomach acid is high, the pH value is lower than 2, the gastric juice is diluted after the meal, and the pH value rises to 3.5. Therefore, this yogurt is easy to eat on an empty stomach, and lactic acid bacteria are also easily killed. This effect is diminished and the drinking effect is better two hours after a meal.


Sugar cane is known as “heavy blood.” Sugar cane contains a variety of nutrients required by the human body, and the iron content is as high as 1.3 mg/100 g. It is the champion of all kinds of fruits and has the reputation of “heavy blood”.


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