Healthy weight loss


Healthy weight loss is a healthy and safe way to lose weight. You must choose the method that suits you. You can’t blindly follow the trend. National Health Management Center: Healthy weight loss is what every dieter wants.

Obtaining a slim figure should be treated with a correct attitude. Don’t be too hasty, all kinds of weight loss methods, diet pills come, and ultimately hurt the body. The ideal body for slimming is not only gray, but also harmful to the health of the body.

Weight loss principle editing

The underlying cause of obesity is the reduction of fat metabolism, which has been classified as a metabolic disease in modern medicine.

Healthy weight loss

Therefore, improving metabolic levels and metabolic capacity is the key to healthy weight loss. It is by increasing the metabolic capacity of obese people that a new trend of weight loss has been caused. This natural way of eating has surpassed the effects of exercise and yoga, abandoning the side effects of diet pills and creating a new era of healthy weight loss. The formula for healthy weight loss is: nutritional balance + low calorie + does not reduce the body’s metabolism + weight loss does not exceed 4 kg a week.

Method editing function

Healthy weight loss should be a safe, healthy and effective way to lose weight. Specific to individuals, food and methods for weight loss should be selected according to the physiological characteristics of the disease. For example, some people are obese because of overeating, and overeating is most likely due to psychological reasons such as severe distress, frustration, and even psychological shadows. At this time, dieters need to have enough courage to face difficulties, solve difficulties, or go to see a psychiatrist, or even a hypnotist, to lose weight fundamentally. For example, some people are obese because the body is cold and the body has a lot of fat to keep it warm. At this time, dieters should go to see Chinese medicine to care for their bodies instead of using fruits and vegetables to lose weight. This is obviously an intensive exercise for me, and eventually the body is eroded.

Healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss must be healthy and safe. You have to choose the right method for yourself. You can’t blindly follow the trend. Healthy weight loss is what every dieter wants to achieve. To have a slim figure, you must have a sense of urgency. A variety of weight loss methods and diet pills come, and will eventually hurt your body. Fly ash is not only the ideal figure for slim body, but also damages the health of the body. Everyone has different causes of obesity, and effective weight loss methods are not for everyone. For those who want to lose weight naturally or stay slim, they must be based on their physical condition, obesity and lifestyle. Choose your own healthy weight loss products to achieve the goal of beauty slimming. Healthy weight loss can not blindly use weight loss products, you should choose the method that suits you, so that you can lose weight healthily.

Achieving these four criteria is healthy weight loss. As people’s living standards improve, many people, especially those who love beauty, have begun to rush to use their various diet pills and acupuncture to control their increasingly obese body. Beijing weight loss experts say that this is not only easy to damage the body, but also leads to weight loss rebound. In severe cases, it is also possible to reduce life or endanger life. In addition, because the diet drug market is mixed, the pros and cons are different, which has caused confusion in the weight loss product market and cast a shadow on people’s weight loss. With the popularization of the concept of healthy green living, more and more people like healthy weight loss, and ordinary healthy weight loss includes healthy weight loss exercise, healthy diet and weight loss. Losing weight refers to continuous exercise. Occasional strenuous exercise only increases the burden on the heart, damages muscles and soft tissues, and causes a sharp rebound after stopping the exercise. A healthy diet refers to a balanced, scientific, and balanced nutritional intake that does not mislead fasting.

Health indicator editor

There are 12 indicators for healthy weight loss:

1) The weight loss per week is generally not more than 2 kg (may also vary according to people’s adaptability), the maximum is no more than 4-6 kg;

2) As the body weight and body fat decrease, the body circumference (WHR\BMI index, etc.) also decreases;

3) Ensure that the daily intake of calories provides the body with the minimum energy needed;

4) Ensure a balanced diet and meet the nutritional needs of the body and sports;

The right amount of exercise is neither too small (no effect) nor too much (burden to the body);

6) Good sleep (less sleep), to ensure the implementation of the most scientific sports nutrition double intervention weight loss method;

7) Be able to maintain a good attitude and relax;

Eat a healthy diet, eat less fried foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers and apples can be used;

9) Do not deliberately lose weight, it is best not to take diet pills, eat, not only bad for the body, but also rebound;

If you exercise more, you should develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early;

Modern people’s body is over-nutrition, and eating more whole grains will have a good weight loss effect!

12) It is recommended to run every day, not only to enhance physical fitness, but also to lose weight properly, preferably in the afternoon;



Weight loss principle editor

Dietary principle

Control staple food, eat less sweets

If the original food intake is large, the staple food can be reduced by 50 grams per day for three meals. For foods that are too high in starch and very sweet, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, glutinous rice flour, jams, honey, candies, candied fruit, malted milk and fruit candy, try to eat less or not. Non-staple foods can be lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products, and vegetables and fruits that contain less sugar.

Reduce calorie intake

Nutritionists believe that whether you control protein, carbohydrates or fat, the ultimate reduction in calorie intake. If a person consumes 800 calories a day, he can lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks; if he consumes less than 500 calories, he can lose 10 pounds in two and a half months. But don’t let the weight drop too fast, otherwise it is very dangerous. It should be noted that each person should consume at least 1200 kcal per day. If the amount of heat supplied to the body is too small, the muscles will be lost. Muscle is the key to the body’s calorie consumption and metabolism.

Reduce food intake

To lose weight, you don’t have to give up your favorite food. It is important to control it. If you like some kind of food and eat a lot, you should pay attention to losing weight every time. Not 4 times a week, 200 grams each time, but 100 grams each time, so you can eat less than 1200 kcal, you can significantly lose weight in 7 and a half months. It is recommended that the dieter put a scale in the kitchen, put a warning slogan, and pay attention to remind him of the weight of the food.

Principle of motion

  1. Exercise should be diversified

Every time I go to the fitness center, I do the same exercise. The same amount of exercise can burn less fat at a time. This is why every weight loss is a good early result. If you choose to jog today, you should try aerobics or swimming tomorrow. The most important thing is to change it regularly, give the body different stimulation, and the heat consumed will rise linearly.

  1. Add protein before exercise

Protein can instantly increase the vitality of the body. If you eat a snack containing high-quality protein, such as eggs, sesame seeds, walnuts, etc. 90 minutes before exercise, then the same weightlifting exercise, your weight-bearing ability will increase, the body consumes more calories than usual. However, it is not too close to eating time.

  1. Maintain the training interval

If people want to continue exercising for more than 40 minutes, the fat will start to burn. The best way to reduce fat is to stretch your movements as much as possible. Try interval training, complete the exercise plan with a few paragraphs, rest, and rest. For example: practice on a sports bike for 2 minutes at 7 km/h, then practice for 2 minutes at 2 km/h, then return to 7 km/h, so practice for 45 minutes.

  1. Healthy and reasonable diet

Eat more vegetarian food, eat less meat and starchy foods, but don’t overeat, otherwise it will hurt your body. Wuwutang is recommended to use cinnamon, wolfberry, oolong tea and other prescriptions, which have the functions of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the stomach and protecting the liver. Regular consumption of Wuwutang, a group of tea, does not affect the diet and health, but also helps detoxification and detoxification, and achieves twice the result with half the effort.

  1. Warm up before exercise

The consumption of fat is a long process. When you feel all over the body and sweat slightly, your fat will burn. This process takes 15 to 20 minutes, which is warming up. Simply put, you ride a 30-minute bike, but the first 20 minutes belong to “white practice.” First do some strength training, the muscles are the body’s heater, warm up in 10 minutes, so when you start cycling, the whole process is to burn fat.

  1. Morning exercise

Obesity is a thing of bullying and difficulty. When you feel tired, it will accumulate in your body unscrupulously. On the contrary, when the spirit is full, it will be invisible. Sports scientists believe that morning exercise can make a high level of metabolism throughout the day, the more energetic the body, the more calories it consumes. In the spring, the air is relatively poor. After 7 o’clock, exercise can avoid the peak of air pollution.

  1. Focus on

This idea is great, especially when exercising. Focus on your movements. If you exercise some muscles, your body’s attention and feelings should also be concentrated in that part, and exercise will be better. In the leg exercise, combined with the action, focus on the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles, can strengthen the strength of these muscles, make your pace more firm and powerful.

  1. Consciously move the upper arm

Fitness instructor



Weight loss mode editing

healthy diet habit

Traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight and diet to lose weight is a common way to lose weight in daily life, but many people do not know how to operate in their daily lives. This is a three-point medicine, and it also makes many people conservative about Chinese medicine. I would like to introduce you to several traditional Chinese medicine diets to help you lose weight quickly.

First, the weight loss formula is as follows:

1, green tea 2g, hand index about 3;

2, 1 gram of lotus leaf, online sales of about 4 cm, about 10 cm

3, Yang Qishen 3 grams, about 20 large pieces

Production method: pour green tea, ginseng, lotus leaf into the cup, add about 300 ml of boiling water. Add boiled water for 5 minutes and drink. It can be brewed repeatedly and consumed for one day until it is tasteless. Drink plenty of water before meals.

Second, the principle of weight loss:

  1. Inhibition of energy conversion: can reduce more than 80% of glucose into fat, promote excess glucose for human use, reduce fat accumulation; at the same time inhibit the body’s demand for greasy food, so that the diet is naturally biased, but does not affect the normal diet.

2, burning fat and control rebound: the formula contains amino acids, vitamins, coenzymes and lipoproteins. These are natural biotins that inhibit the production of body fat, promote the burning of body fat, and continuously improve the distribution of body fat.

3, to maintain skin elasticity and beauty: unlike other weight loss products, it does not dehydrate through diarrhea, to achieve weight loss goals, so in achieving a satisfactory weight loss effect will not make the skin loose, because Yang Qi sink lotus leaf and other diet pills It will make the skin smooth and elastic.

Third, the characteristics of this weight loss method are:

The first is safety: the weight loss ingredient is a pure Chinese medicine formula without any side effects. Maybe you have tried a lot of ways to lose weight, always dizzy, so the damage to the organ is relatively large, even if you lose weight, you should take care of your body.

The second one is simple: don’t diet, don’t go hungry, don’t even diarrhea. It’s easy to lose 15 pounds a month! Because it’s gentle and doesn’t irritate the stomach, it’s easy to use: open blisters or boil. For friends with average economic conditions, they should be able to afford it.

The last is fast: To be honest, I don’t really believe in the stars, I always feel that there is a taste of performance. But I don’t believe I can believe that people can use it, I can try it myself. In addition, I can see the beauty of Guangzhou as a reality, huh, so I tried it again. Tell everyone that if you insist on exercising for a month this month, you can lose at least 5-7 pounds per month. I don’t know what other people are doing, at least I am losing weight.

Fourth, the applicable object: both men and women apply.

Method review

Eat more black food

In the winter, you can eat more black food by dieting to lose weight. Such as black rice, black dates, rye, black fungus and so on. Black food has the function of scavenging free radicals and active oxygen in the body, and has the functions of lowering blood fat and keeping warm. Black food rich in crude fiber is more conducive to weight loss, and the black food has a strong feeling of fullness, which can avoid excessive intake of fat.

2, low calorie food

Many people choose to eat hot pot in the winter. The heat of eating hot pot is very high, whether it is soup bottom or sauce, it is not conducive to weight loss. But there is no way to avoid it, and then there are many different kinds of sauces. You usually lose weight in your diet. Of course, you should be light, avoid frying, and put less seasoning.

3, add water

Don’t forget to add water when you drink a diet drink. When the body is short of water, it will affect normal blood circulation and metabolism, which is very unfavorable for weight loss. In the winter, many girls will reduce their drinking water, and even more, insist on drinking more water, and lose weight more effectively. Every morning, drink a cup of warm water or honey water on an empty stomach to both replenish moisture and promote gastrointestinal motility.

4, adhere to moderate exercise

Winter weight loss is not suitable for too vigorous exercise, too strong exercise is easy to catch a cold. You can choose a slightly gentle exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling, yoga, gymnastics and more. As long as you guarantee enough exercise time, you can also achieve the effect of burning fat and losing weight.

5, diet drinks

Whether it is tea or juice, natural drinks have a weight loss effect. But the weight loss drinks mentioned here do not include slimming tea. Make a cup of natural fresh vegetable juice at home, such as lemon juice, apple juice, tomato juice, orange juice, etc.


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