Life Tips, Shoes Deodorant, Are You Really?


Hello everyone, I am your life editor. Here are some small series of life tips to share with you, to make life easier for everyone, to make life more interesting, not so boring, is it now that we feel that life has become complicated. This is because when we go to work during the day, everyone has a tired body, the enthusiasm of going home, our life will not be so high, even if we rest, we will also think about how to rest, and a few friends pay attention to our lives. The environment, it will only get worse.


In our opinion, cola just wants to drink when we eat, but in our lives, cola is very helpful to our lives. Coca-Cola can be used to clean the kettle. After the cola falls into boiling, slowly you will find that the black matter will disappear a lot. There are also jewels, you can soak our cheap jewels to cola so our jewels can be restored.


In our lives, shoes are what we wear every day, but there are some places that bother us. These shoes are easy to smell. We can buy some wine, pour the wine into a container, and then take it away with a paper towel. Then, use a thin towel to blow the alcohol onto the insole. This will prevent our shoes from stinking.

Sweater shrinking method

In our opinion, when the sweater is worn for a long time, it will become wider, so when we wear it, it will be fat, it will not fit well. This is also a problem that makes us headache. Now we can accept it. It is soaked in water at approximately 80 °C. If a sweater is part of a deformity, we can put it in water for about an hour at about 50 ° C, then remove it and dry it, so we will find that its scalability will change.



Socks are also common in our lives. Are we doing the right way to wash socks every day? Ordinary cotton socks, we can put them in the water for about an hour, then we wash them with soap, so the dirt will fall off quickly. If it is pure stockings, artificial silk stockings, nylon stockings, etc., it should not be washed in cold water. We should soak them in water at 40 ° C, then slowly stew, without the use of force, the socks should be washed and dried, not exposed and fired. Wool socks are more troublesome. Soak a small amount of soap and socks together in water, which is very convenient to clean the dirt on the socks. After cleaning, dry it gently and spread it on the table. Dry in a ventilated area or cover with a white cloth.


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