Practical life treasure


In fact, many times, when you are in trouble, you will start searching online. You should not do too much. However, there are actually many simple and convenient ways to help us solve this problem.



In fact, you can use a key instead. Cork wood is very soft and is basically made of wood chips. Therefore, you can also insert a key. After inserting the key, turn clockwise. Although there is no speed as a bottle opener, the cork will slowly come out of the bottle. Of course, friendly reminders, don’t accidentally throw the keys and cork together, the cork is useless, but the key is still very important.


Jeans and pants are basically fashion items that everyone can have. It can be said that this is a necessary street trip. Whether it’s a sweet girl’s favorite girl style, or a cool fan rivet. In recent years, denim overalls have been popular with vests, skirts and dresses. However, good-looking denim is easy to fade, and it is difficult to wash a strong fabric. You can only wash separately each time you wash your clothes. It wastes water and time. So, is there any way we can make denim not fade?

In fact, this is ok. Soak the denim in concentrated brine before the first wash. Soaking time is very long, it is recommended that you do not use detergent when purchasing denim clothing. After soaking, talk about the clothes washed with water. Denim garments treated in this way do not fade during subsequent washing. You can safely wash with other clothes.



This method of course has, not only that, this method is still very simple. That is frozen onions. The onions should be peeled before freezing the onions. The onions are peeled off, washed a few hours in advance, and placed in the frozen layer of the refrigerator. When you need it, take it out and cut it off. You will find that the onion does not touch you at all.

Freezing makes stockings stronger


There are actually some such methods, not only that, but also very simple. As long as we put the new socks that have not yet passed through the freezer, wait until they become hard and remove them. The stockings are not easily damaged after they are naturally thawed. Of course, you still need to pay attention to it. After all, if there are sharp objects, the tolerance of the stockings is irresistible.


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