The potato is really poisonous after the long bud. Be careful that the potato turns green and sprouts after solanine poisoning


Potatoes are the potatoes we often say. It contains a lot of nutrients and is one of the essential foods in people’s lives. Potatoes contain large amounts of starch and protein, as well as various vitamins and inorganic salts. Potatoes have a high protein content. It can be used not only as a staple food, but also as a dish, but if the potatoes are not properly stored, they will easily sprout. According to our common sense, we believe that potatoes can not be used after germination, otherwise they will be poisoned. Is the potato sprout really poisonous?

In fact, this statement is correct. The potatoes are indeed poisonous after germination. Mainly after the potato sprouts. It also contains solanine, which turns green or rots after germination. a toxin. If you eat very little, Chinese cabbage may have no obvious harmful effects on the body, but if you eat a lot at a time, it is likely #to develop into a disease, usually a semi-green or sprouted potato.

If you are poisoned by solanine, it will itchy from the mouth, throat and other parts, then abdominal pain, and there will be nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. If the symptoms are mild, he will heal after an hour or two, but if you eat solanine, the symptoms will be particularly severe. At this time, your body temperature will rise, and you will vomit repeatedly, causing your body to lose water. Few people have died of respiratory paralysis. Therefore, the potato will mold or germinate. This phenomenon is very serious. If there is such a phenomenon, this potato should not be eaten anymore.

However, in real life, people think that if the potato sprouts slightly, it is a pity to throw it away. It is best to remove the germination point directly. In fact, this is also to look at people’s physique. For people of different physiques, the impact may vary. If you accidentally eat it, it is difficult to keep it safe. If the potatoes sprout, we can soak the potatoes in the water, then wash and cook. When cooking, adding an appropriate amount of vinegar can accelerate the destruction of solanine and prevent the production of solanine. Damage to the human body.

Xiao Ping also reminds everyone of the fact that when we cook potatoes, try to cook for a few minutes, cook the potatoes, and not eat the half-cooked potatoes, first of all not only because of the taste problem is more concerned about health and other aspects.


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