Don’t throw out expired hand cream to teach you how to use expired hand cream


The weather is very dry, in addition to caressing our facial skin, the skin of the hand can not be ignored, so carrying a hand cream is very necessary. But this family is hoarding too much hand cream! A person does not pay attention, expired, what should I do? What can I do with expired hand cream? Let’s see.

Hand cream is also a cream, can be used to wipe the face?

No! No! No! Small makeup reminder hand cream must not be used to wipe the face ~

According to the degree of tenderness of the skin, the order of priority should be: eyes, face, hands and body. In general, eye care can be applied to the face, hands and other parts of the body, otherwise it will not; facial care can not be used for the eyes, but can be used for the hands and other parts of the body; care hands and other parts of the body, Not eyes and face. In short, high levels can be used for low levels, while low levels cannot be used for high levels.

Therefore, is it necessary to wipe your face?

Is it unfortunate that the expired protective hand cream can also be used?

Once the hand cream is opened, it has been exposed to microorganisms and bacteria in the air. Because of the air and oxidation, the active ingredients in the hand cream will gradually lose its effectiveness and eventually rot. Therefore, the failure of the hand cream will not only lose the original hand effect, but also have an adverse effect on the skin.

After the cream expires, it is still very fragrant because of the addition of spices. Don’t think that the cream can be used like this, it is only harmful to the skin.

Is it wasted? Don’t worry, I have some great old hand cream for you!

Shoe shine

Leather shoes are like human skin. They need to be well taken care of. Please note that artificial leather and suede leather cannot be used! Buy a spicy strong or perfume that doesn’t like to directly rub the shoes of the hand cream ~

Wipe the mirror

It is important to pay attention to a small amount of wiping, and squeezing too much to erase it is very troublesome. After wiping with a hand cream, the mirror is not easily contaminated by dust.

Can’t open the sticker

Is the sticker or label that is difficult to tear off completely annoying? Simply apply hand cream to the sticker or label and tear it off in a few minutes.

With scissors

When you cut something with scissors and feel the sound is not so crisp, you can put the hand cream on the blade of the scissors and cut it a few times, then hear the crisp sound of the scissors!

Hair care

To protect the hair elements from being applied to the hair, it is recommended to apply half of the hair after washing, not only to prevent the hair from being unkempt due to static electricity.

Nursing home

Wipe the leather sofa in your home and on the table to make it clean and beautiful. Dip a small amount of hand cream into a soft cloth and gently wipe the shoes. Use a soft cloth to remove the hand cream and wipe the mirror, which is not easily infected by dust.

Apply a hand cream to the less-than-good scissors, and the scissors will cut the items and it will be smooth.

As a conditioner

When washing your hair, apply a protective hand cream to your hair to make your hair smooth and prevent static electricity.

For shaving cream

Men can use hand cream as a shaving cream because it is warm, smooth and easy to handle.


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