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In life, there are many people who are a little difficult and helpless. I really want to think that they don’t have any solution. As long as we usually observe and pay attention to learning, you can get a solution for it. Some simple tricks can help us solve many tricky problems. Question, today tells you some tips in life, and hopes that friends love life can be a good reference.

Today, people like beauty very much and care about their image little by little. Therefore, many people like to apply nails or manicures. However, doing so is a waste of money. But the problem with nail polish suddenly appeared, that is, it didn’t work at all, so you can soak the freshly finished nails in cold water for a while, they will dry faster than in the air. If you can master such a small life tips, you can bring another aspect to your friends.

Many people now love the United States very much, but because of their busy work, they may not be able to master the hairdressing knowledge, so they will also make their skin difficult to detect in various problems. One of the acne on the nose is a common skin problem. Many people don’t know how to deal with it. The effect is that it is very beautiful and will be crowded with both hands, but we don’t even know how to wash hands, there will be many bacteria, this time contact acne Pox and blackheads can cause many bacteria to reappear in the pores of the nose, not only do not remove blackheads and acne, but also cause more and more serious problems in the skin. However, we have to deal with blackheads and acne. At this point, people can put some salt on the blackhead, then gently wipe it, then wash it with water. Slowly, they will find that the nose area becomes very clean and delicate.

The first thing you do every morning is that in addition to going to the bathroom, it may be that you brush your teeth. Because you sleep for a night, you can breed a lot of bacteria in your mouth. If you don’t brush your teeth, it is not good for you, so we are healthy. Toothpaste can come in handy, but everyone knows that toothpaste is a toothbrush. In fact, in our daily life, there are other places where toothpaste can be used. Toothpaste can be said to be universal. For example, we have a teacup, in fact it is difficult to wash. Got it, brush this position with toothpaste, then rinse it off with clean water, and we miraculously find that the glass is as bright as new. Some people use the boiled water when the skin is accidentally burnt. This time the toothpaste comes in handy again. Applying some toothpaste at this position will have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

When we eat or cook, we always accidentally drop a few drops of oil on the clothes. If it is put directly into the washing machine, it can’t play any role. After drying, it will also find that the oiled clothes still exist. At this time, everyone should not be anxious. Before you wash it, you can put some laxative spirit on the clothes and rub it back and forth with your hands. Then wash it with water and you will find that the oily blot disappears. This method is to save time and effort, and also save money to dry cleaners, why not? So we can pay more attention to life, so many tips for life.

The north wind sand is particularly large, and sand is also a common occurrence. This time we seem to be always at a loss, so today’s embarrassment is to deal with this situation, enter the eyes in the sand, we don’t have to worry, you can try to spit a few mouthfuls of water, spit some time irrelevant, then keep blinking, this time sand Naturally will come out. Do not touch the eyes directly with your hands, as the bacteria on your hands can also damage the conjunctiva.

Other life tips

1, do not touch the oil on the white clothes, wipe directly with detergent!

I like to eat spicy food. Every time I eat hot pot or beef ball noodles, I always accidentally splashes oil stains. I am afraid of heat in summer. I love to wear white clothes. Whenever I want to die, I feel so painful. Maybe everyone Have had such an experience! The above method is tried many times, and it is 100 to try 100 smart, remember not to soak the water first, because such a meeting dilution, directly with the cleaning essence kneading ability to more effectively decompose the oil!

2, when the foot of the thumb faces the direction of the instep, the leg or leg cramps

We all have to sleep well, suddenly the legs cramps, the pain does not know what to do, I remember once I dreamed that smoking began to be painful crying, but it still didn’t work, I don’t dare I don’t know What to do, finally crying again, I really admire myself until she wakes up and tells her mother to teach me to pull your toes

First of all, we need to know the cause of leg cramps, calcium deficiency or cold, and can cause muscle spasm after strenuous exercise, usually pay attention to nutrition, then wear a warm cover, run or do other sports after taking hot feet Pinch your legs again, let your muscles relax, even if you smoke, don’t be nervous. Use the above method, absolutely right, remember not to step on hard!

Drinking through a straw does not cause tooth decay

Summer is coming, the weather is hot and sunny. I think you must drink a bottle of cold drink, especially if the child wants to drink it, but after drinking it, he is afraid of tooth decay. I don’t know how to eat it after eating. Right?

Therefore, if you want to drink alcohol and prevent tooth decay, it is very simple. You don’t have to brush your teeth every time you drink a drink. Just use it when you use a straw. Some people think that small makeup is sensational, but it is not because it is drinking through a straw. Be sure to enter your throat directly, do not stay in the teeth for too long, so that it will not cause tooth decay. But if you can develop the habit of brushing your teeth or gargle after each drink or meal, it will actually have a lasting effect on your dental health. So if you want to protect the health of your teeth, in addition to drinking with a straw, there are actually many small ways. As long as we are good at observing life and being good at using it, we can protect us. tooth. For example, each time you brush your teeth, you can add a little salt to the toothbrush, which can play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory. After each meal, you can floss the food between the tooth residue and then use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the mouth for better oral care.


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