Whitening your teeth these methods are a great way to help your teeth white


Everyone wants them to have a good appearance and make a good impression on others, but in many cases, some details can determine a person’s overall temperament, such as the whiteness of the teeth, can be given to others in every flash and smile Left a deep impression. In order to make yourself more confident, beauty lovers will choose a lot of effective ways to whiten their teeth. This is what you can eat to whiten your teeth.

Eating raw fiber can whiten your teeth

Crude fiber foods are rich in crude fiber. When chewing crude fiber foods, the crude fiber food causes some friction on the teeth, which removes food and bacteria sticking to the teeth, reducing tooth decay and whitening teeth.

Recommended food: leeks, celery.

Eat calcium-rich foods to whiten your teeth

If the tooth is deficient in calcium, the tooth is definitely not white, it is not good, because calcium is an important material component of the tooth, so eating high calcium food in daily life can achieve a healthy whitening effect.

Food advice: dairy products, soy products.

Eat vitamin-rich foods to whiten your teeth

Vitamin C is one of the essential micronutrients for healthy gums. Therefore, eating foods containing vitamin C is important for gum health.

Food suggestions: tomatoes, spinach, etc.

Eating fluoride will whiten your teeth

When we brush our teeth, we will find that many toothpastes contain fluorine, because fluorine is one of the substances necessary for whitening and strengthening teeth. Fluorine has a good effect of preventing tooth decay.

Whitening teeth by eating food that kills bacteria

A large part of the whiteness of teeth is caused by too many bacteria in the mouth. For example, Streptococcus mutans is the chief culprit of tooth decay. Therefore, eating a sterilizing food can effectively remove bacteria in the oral cavity and achieve the effect of whitening teeth.

What to eat: onions, ginger, garlic, onions, mustard.

Drink plenty of water to whiten your teeth

We may think that drinking water has nothing to do with whitening teeth, but dentists tell us that drinking water can keep gums moist, stimulate saliva secretion, remove food debris, reduce the chances of bacterial survival, and whiten teeth.

Here are some whitening methods for daily care of teeth.

Baking soda to clean your teeth. Dip some baking soda into the toothbrush and brush your teeth once or twice a week for three minutes to keep your teeth clean.

White teeth with lemon juice. After brushing your teeth every night, rub some lemon juice with gauze and your teeth will turn white and brighten. Lemon has strong detergency, good white effect, contains vitamin C, and can strengthen the roots.

3, orange peel toothpaste can clean teeth cleaning. Orange peel grinding, mixing a small amount of toothpaste every day when brushing your teeth, not only can make the teeth white and white, the taste is soft and sweet, because the orange peel also has a strong anti-corrosion and bactericidal effect, and it can effectively repair the teeth for a long time.

4, vinegar can separate the small doohickey of dirty teeth. Regular smokers will smoke a layer of black and yellow smoke on their teeth. Toothpaste is difficult to brush off, but a vinegar brush can whiten the teeth. Mouth a mouthful of vinegar, oral gargle for 2-3 minutes, then spit out, then use strong brushing, and finally washed with water, repeated several times to separate the smoke.

Squid bone powder can effectively clean teeth. Grind the cuttlefish bone into a fine powder to brush your teeth. This will turn the yellow teeth white.

Through the above introduction, I hope this article can help you! I also hope that you will have white teeth soon.


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