A self – testing method for the harm of excessive body fat to visceral fat


Nowadays, many people are busy with their work and life. This phenomenon leads to fast food instead of eating. There is no regularity in eating. Because the content of vitamins and minerals in fast food is very low, it is often a priority for fried foods. Excessive consumption can make the body fat, which will bring a lot of harm to the body. What is the harm of excessive fat in the intestine? Know the following!

Self-examination of visceral fat:

  1. Waist circumference: Generally speaking, male waist circumference > 90CM, female waist circumference > 80CM, should pay attention to the problem of excessive visceral fat.

2, waist and hip comparison: waist circumference hip circumference, that is, the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference.

Method: Stand straight, gently inhale, use a tape measure to measure the waist circumference above the navel and the most prominent hip circumference.

Men > 0.9, women > 0.8 indicate that their visceral excess is at high risk and needs to be tested immediately.

  1. Test the method of proud skin under the skin of the waist and abdomen. Try to pinch your navel. If you can easily pinch 2 cm, it means you have subcutaneous fat. If you can’t pinch it, it means that you have a lot of fat stored in your internal organs.

What are the hazards of excessive body fat?

First of all, what are the hazards of excessive body fat? Plastic surgeon Dr. Haydn said: “Fat can accumulate in any part of the body, even around the head and neck, especially the back.” “There is too much fat in these areas that can compress nerves, cause headaches and neck Pain. Our study of more than 143,000 people found chronic daily headache (CDH)

It is more common in obese people. Consultant radiologist Dr. Bhatti said: “The image on the left clearly shows the yellow area on the sides of the female’s neck, which indicates that there is a thick layer of subcutaneous fat around her neck. This will press her airway and cause her to fight when she is snoring. Obesity is another of the most common risk factors for sleep apnea when sleeping. Sleep apnea refers to the fact that the upper respiratory tissues are too close to each other to fall asleep, temporarily blocking breathing. This can lead to memory loss, low energy expenditure, and breathing. Problems, swelling of the legs and high blood pressure. In the long run, it can also cause stroke, high blood pressure and sudden death.

What are the hazards of excessive body fat?

Second, too much fat can make breathing more difficult, and blood flow is more difficult to circulate oxygen effectively. This can lead to inadequate function, impaired immune system and even high blood pressure. That’s because the lungs are not strong structures, they are crushed by external forces. Bell explained: “Fat does not swell inward, it only expands outward.” This is why obese people gain weight.

What are the hazards of excessive body fat?

What are the hazards of excessive body fat? When fat is found around an organ, what is more worrying is that the internal organs it accumulates are called visceral fat. They are toxic and they poison you from the inside out. “Gluteal fat is not an inert substance of fat. It produces chemicals that cause heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. The heart expands in response to the extra stress of her weight gain. The enlarged heart cannot effectively draw blood, causing breathing Rapid and fatigue. Heart failure usually occurs when the heart expands and cannot draw enough blood to meet the body’s needs. According to the British Heart Foundation, at least 4% of people die each year from the country’s population. Fat is called pericardial fat and can cause arteriosclerosis. Pericardial fat secretes high levels of inflammatory protein cytokines. Long-term exposure of the heart to these proteins can lead to coronary inflammation and plaque calcification. A US study published in 2008 found that A high level of human ardial fat is five times more likely to develop advanced coronary plaque.

How should visceral fat be reduced and how?

Visceral fat is an indicator of a person’s health. In order to reduce excess visceral fat, you can choose some targeted sports, such as: brisk walking, jogging, swimming, combined with anaerobic strength training, in fact, very simple, when you subcutaneously inject fat and fat, your visceral fat reduction is also in At the same time, it is the consumption of energy. There are many things to do in the diet. The daily energy intake greater than the energy consumption is the energy balance. The daily energy intake is equal to the energy consumption. The energy balance is the daily energy intake. Consumption of subcutaneous and visceral fat that consumes less energy and consumes more energy. We should choose that the diet should not be too greasy. Choosing high calories is a little bit of protein dietary fiber.


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